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When we sold our big house over a year ago with plans to downsize, I thought it meant getting rid of more “stuff”. But after living in this 300-square-foot fifth wheel while waiting to build, I’ve realized there’s more to simplifying than simply getting rid of things.


Sometimes simplifying involves decluttering the mind.


Often it involves decluttering the mind. Rethinking things.


There have been times I’ve wanted something out of storage. Something I was willing to share with someone.


Perhaps . . . as long as my “stuff” isn’t extraneous, packed away, and I’m willing to use it to bless others—or it blesses my family . . . perhaps its okay to keep it.


But if it’s not used and enjoyed in my next house, it’s gotta go.


This mental decluttering that took place in 2017 was a good thing. Life took some turns that slowed me down, gave me time to reflect on the past, present, and future. I’m trying to take those lessons learned and add to them in this new year.



Clean the house. File the papers. Write the thank you notes. Make the phone calls to catch up with friends.


Calm the mind.




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  1. This makes sense to me, Susan. If it’s packed away and no use to you or anyone else, why save it? Why move stuff you didn’t unpack from last time? But if it gives joy to you or someone else, I think it’s great to keep it. Also sometimes we don’t exactly know why something gives us joy, but it just does. We might need someone else’s encouragement and help to de-hoard sometimes, but ultimately what we choose to keep or discard is a very personal thing.

  2. You are so right, and I’m on a journey to simplify my mind this year. Stopped in from #91 this week. Blessings!

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