How to get in the last word…

Life Lesson #22:  If you say it, own it!


I own very few vintage linens with sayings on them, but I’ve certainly seen a lot through the years! Sometimes the sayings are gentle: “Sweet dreams”. Other times they’re very matter-of-fact: “Good night”. And sometimes… sometimes I wonder why someone put *that* on something permanent–especially when it took so long to actually embroider or cross stitch it!


Forget me not bear


But no matter whether I liked the phrase or not, it served as a reminder that if I say something, I need to “own it.” The nice thing about saying something through handwork is that there’s plenty of time to re-consider whether or not you really want to say it–unlike saying something with the mouth and then wishing you could take it back. I’ve had plenty of those unfortunate experiences, and I suspect you have, too.


Death and life are in the power of the tongue.  ~Proverbs 18:21


Do you have (or like) linens with sayings on them? Sweet ones? Funny ones? What’s the best phrase you can think of to inscribe on something permanent? Have you been carving your name on any hearts lately?

Hmmm… I saw this on a sign this morning…


You CAN have the last word.

Just apologize.



31 Days 2013-001This post is part of a 31-day series.  If you missed a Life Lesson, they’re all available HERE.


  1. That “last word” was perfect!

    I am preparing a lesson on apology for January’s marriage retreat. It’s deeply moved me (the teacher!), and I pray that if someone were to stitch a “last word” about me on a pillow or elsewhere, it would be “She forgave.”

    Love your pillow. *sweet*

  2. Susan, your post calms my frayed nerves this morning. It seems like I am on day six with my cable provider. Just apologize wouldn’t do the trick for them at this point. I just have to smile to keep from pulling out my hair.

    Thank you for always inspiring me.

  3. Apologizing can be really tough, but it sure serves as a reminder that we are capable of being a big person even if it means crushing our pride for a bit.