TRUST: Free Writes Day 5




TRUST:  It’s a hard concept these days.


Who can you trust?


People say one thing — and do another.


Someone says they’ve got your back — then stabs you in it.


Trusting sometimes feels like a free-fall . . . and I don’t like free-falls.


Trust involves 100% letting go of control in a situation and letting someone else . . .


. . . letting someone else what?

  • Take control?
  • Be in charge?
  • Protect?
  • Get the job done?


Will they come through with flying colors?


Will they do the job well?


Will they make you proud?


Will they drop the ball?


Will they disappoint?


Can’t always trust people. Can’t trust the weather. Can’t trust the news.


Can’t even trust myself to be my best self.


So throw up my hands — and trust the only One who’s trustworthy.


He’s got my back — and my future — even when it makes no sense to me.


Trusting . . .






  1. Bonnie Bee says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, talented & sweet Susan.. ..sending wishes filled with blessings and joy for your year ahead…