DISCOVER: Free Write Day 20




Yesterday I opened my Instagram and saw it on a favorite blogger’s feed.




I read the comments—other bloggers I know telling discreetly of situations in which they had been made to feel uncomfortable, were sexually harassed or abused.


Grown women remembering things they never should have experienced.


Boyfriends, strangers, family members, friends.


I didn’t like what I discovered . . .


So many women, good women, who for years never said a word about their experiences—now discovering they were not alone. Theirs was not an isolated situation. That feeling in their long-ago guts telling them something was “off”?


It was real.


They weren’t asking for anything; they were being violated. Emotionally. Verbally. Physically.


Not alone. It’s a discovery they’d probably rather not make.






How do you feel about the #MeToo campaign?