READ: Free Write Day 16



I walked into the living room and saw him: 7 years old. Long, lanky legs draped over the recliner.


Book in hand.


Intent, he read. Turning pages. Occasionally grinning.


I remembered some of his earliest days of “reading”. He’d sit on my lap, pointing to images in board books. Later we’d sit together on the couch and read his favorites.


Are You My Mother?

Blue Goose

Good Night, Gorilla


But now he reads “chapter books” that are years ahead of his age. He has a vocabulary that’s out of this world. He lets those books take him to places he’s yet to see.


Perhaps someday …


His little brother is following suit. He’s in kindergarten and reading books on his own now.


They’re lucky little boys. They have shelves of books—and library cards.


The adults in their lives are readers.


Their future awaits!




Did you like to read as a child? Do you now?


  1. Jody Benge says:

    I read voraciously, all types of books, novels, fiction, mysteries, biographies, poetry, current event situation books, books relating to the Bible, daily Guidepost excerpts, and books of human interest stories. I am presently reading the new book by Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal, about the way the health care system in the US works and what is wrong with it. Before retiring, for most of my adult life, I devoured PMA books. My favorite author for fiction, for quite some time, has been Alexander McCall Smith, author of: The Ladies No.1 Detective Agency Series, set in Botswana . From the time my son was born, I read to him fervently. He started reading on his own before he was 3. He too, then started reading early on with his son, who is now nearing 6 yrs of age. Both had very high levels of vocabulary at very young ages! Having been a Sp/Lang. Pathologist, I cannot stress enough how important reading and writing is for each and every individual. I have plans to write my own books of human interest stories in the near future. Thank you for your blog. It is very inspiring & uplifting and also fills the creative side of me as I too have a love of the old, the vintage, the beautiful, and the art of decorating and crafting.


    • Jody, I couldn’t agree more with you about the importance of learning to read and write! They are foundational for a well-rounded life. Good luck on writing your book! I’m sure you’ve been collecting stories for “just the right time” to share them.

      Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I’m glad you enjoy it. Your encouragement is timely today.