Finally … Let the Stories Begin!

If you’re new to My Place, this is a post I’ve been waiting … and waiting … and waiting to write.  When last I was here, I left you with a journal full of blank pages just waiting for a story to begin.



Well, my friends, it’s Story Time!



A nursery full of storybook characters was ready …



…  but the not-so-little guy waited a full two weeks after his due date before he took the hint.



This morning at 2:47 AM


EHN   10 lbs. 14 oz.    22.5″ long


He was born at a military hospital.  Let’s call him Little Sir.


By 9:00 AM, guess who arrived at the hospital with big brother (aka Little Man) to meet our newest family member?  Easy, guess, huh?  We’d have been there sooner if his Mommy hadn’t put in a request for a special treat …



It was a day of kisses.  Brothers … 2 years and 8 months apart.


Won’t this be a fun story to watch unfold?



My deepest thanks to all of you who sent emails and lifted prayers for Little Sir and his family as we all awaited his arrival.  Tonight, I’m very happy to report that less than 24 hours after his arrival, he’s healthy and adjusting quickly to his new surroundings.


Welcome to the world, Little Sir!  Your Nonna loves you.


  1. Congratulations! What a precious picture of the two boys. After a ten pound delivery, Mom should have as many donuts as she wants!!!! Nancy

  2. Oh, Susan, I’m so happy that I didn’t miss this wonderful post! Nice, big, healthy baby boy…what an absolute blessing. And seeing two blessings together, side by side…I know your heart is overflowing with love and gratitude. Our good wishes and congratulations, from one set of grandparents to another, and may you be able to enjoy every single moment. ~Zuni

  3. You must have posted this just after my visit last night! I love the name Little Sir, and I am adopting it with you. Although at 10 plus pounds, I think you might have to call him Big Sir before long. And look at all that hair!!

    Congratulations to you, and praise to God for keeping mommy and her little soldier in His tender care. I’m so thankful to hear you report the “all clear”.

    I think if there is one lesson that God has been teaching me this year, it’s about his timing. Huge hugs to you from me. Let’s lift our hands together and give God a high five.

  4. Congratulations to Little Big Sir, and happy birthday! Looks like a champ! Glad everyone’s doing well, thank the good Lord. :o)

  5. PRAYERS answered!!!!! Susan, so excited for you and your family… such a precious heartfelt moment for each of you! sending God’s blessings and love your way as you enjoy life’s wonderful gifts….

  6. How exciting! I’m sending my best wishes to all the family! He was really doing some growing before he was born, wasn’t he? Our first child, a week early, was three months old before she weighed 10 pounds!

  7. how wonderful for all!

  8. Congratulations. He is a BIG boy, isn’t he? Much the same size as my daughter’s youngest son. She had to take back the newborn outfits and exchange them for 3 month size. Blessings- I am so glad you have a healthy Little Sir. xo Diana

  9. Oh, I couldn’t miss this, Susan, so I browsed through all your latest posts (each wonderful, by the way). Congratulations to you and your entire family. Welcome, Little Sir.
    Much love!