Something everyone needs at the end of the day to know they’re loved…


When I heard about this project, it immediately went on my Sally List.




It’s such an easy way to make a big difference!


Pillowcase Project Guam

My friend, Kelley, is a missionary in the Philippines and sometimes ministers at the National Children’s Hospital. Her 80-year-old mother-in-law enjoys sewing pillowcases. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to birth an idea!


Between now and December 1, 2014 Kelley is collecting new, standard-size pillowcases to take as gifts to the children next Christmas. They can be sewn OR purchased. They’ll also be easily mailed to a U.S. zip code.  All of the details are HERE at Kelley’s blog – even a great video tutorial for sewing pillowcases!


If you can sew a straight seam, you can make pillowcases! But even if you can’t, I’m confident you can keep your eyes open for cute children’s pillowcases when you’re out shopping. If you start looking now, you’ll probably find some January White Sales!


Vintage pillowcases

When I was young, my Grandmother made a pair of each of these embroidered pillowcases for me. Every time I use them, I remember the love that went into their making. It’s a gift of the heart that’s still giving today… many years after her passing.


Simple pillowcases. HUGE impact!


Won’t you add pillowcases for Kelley’s kids to your Sally List?  While you’re at it, enlist your friends and family to join you! Share this post (or Kelley’s) on your social media. Let’s spread the word! How many pillowcases will My Place to Yours readers add to the HUNDREDS Kelley needs?


2013-11-29 15.53.43Source


Leave a comment or send me an email and tell me you’re “in”!

In case you’re wondering… Yes, this is the same Blogland friend who disappeared. But after a little time of re-grouping, she came back with lots of vim and vigor! Welcome back, Kelley.



  1. Oh. My. Good-ness. How did I manage to miss this on both YOUR blog and Kelley Highway??
    I am completely NOT in balance yet. I love this so much that I can’t tell you. I’m a pathetic seamstress with a good machine. My machine is currently broken so I am using that as my excuse to start looking for pillow cases to buy instead.

    I am so glad that I clicked the link at the bottom of your notecard post.

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