Sally’s Been Traveling …

So how’s your Sally List going?  Yes, this is the accountability I promised!  It keeps me focused, too …

If you’re wondering, “What’s a Sally List?” go ahead and click HERE to find out.  We’ll wait for you.

At My Place, Sally’s been getting into the spirit of the season.  Isn’t she cute?  She’s also been helping me make plans to deliver some Christmas cheer around our community. The recipes are being selected and shopping lists compiled … and next week the baking will start.

Sally’s also been traveling.  This morning I found her visiting Kelley in the Philippines!  It seems that my Sally List inspired Debbie to write hers … which inspired Kelley to write hers.  I love that!

Several of you have written (or told me you plan to write) a Sally List post. If you haven’t already done so, be sure you link it up to the original Sally List post (click Sally’s pic to go there) so we can all read it and encourage you.
Even if you don’t have a blog, I hope you’ll click on Sally and leave a comment telling us what’s on your Sally List!

Before you leave here today, though, why not leave a comment and tell us where you are. Sally might want to start planning a visit!

Me?  Today I’m at home in rainy East Tennessee.


  1. Great post!!! hugs, Flavia

  2. That is a cute idea!
    Have to tell you that your tablescape in the previous post is just glorious! Wow!

  3. Love seeing Sally ready to tackle her list even throughout the holidays. 😉 I have one thing I want to add to my original list and maybe change some of the previous wording. I think I need to cut back on this blogging thing. Some of those old rats are lurking in the dark again…remember that post? Greed and comparisons attempting to rob me of contentment. SOooo, I think I’ll add this:

    -Do what I must and let go of what I must in order to hold on to contentment. Sigh… 🙂

    Susan, you are genious…you and Sally, that is. 😉

  4. Well, I’m here in Georgia, and I’m already thinking what Sally will be up to next at my place.

  5. Gosh.. The enthusiasm of tackling a list .. during the holidays.. shocks me!! Wow!!

    I’m in Dubai.. And we have no winters.. at all.. Christmas.. is bright and sunny.. Im not complaining!! But a little bit of chill would be nice!!