HITTING CLOSE TO HOME: Responses to The Sally List

Oh, my goodness, what a whirlwind of comments and emails I’ve received since posting about The Sally List last Friday! If you’re wondering what a Sally List is, now’s a good time to click the link and read about it — then come back here.
I’ll wait.
Welcome back! I was honored and thrilled to see that Heather and Vanessa of At The Picket Fence joined in the Sally List challenge by sharing their own Sally Lists on their blog today. They are very brave indeed — AND they’re asking us to help hold them accountable. After all, that’s part of the purpose of the Sally List.
Vanessa made a distinction that’s very important to me: The Sally List is NOT a “bucket list” or a common “to do list.” It’s so much more than either of those. A Sally List reflects some of the deepest desires of the “heart”… You know what they are; I’ve been reading your words.
Here are a few things some of you have mentioned …

  • Taking care of myself — so I can be around for my family
  • Forgiving someone … finally
  • Being friendly to neighbors I don’t know; even praying for them
  • Getting organized (home, finances, legal documents) … so I can be more effective and make sure my family is cared for if something happens to me
  • Pay more attention to how I treat people, including those I love most
  • Priority check: Am I spending too much time on the computer and not enough time with my kids/spouse?

So why not take the challenge and start making your Sally List? It will serve as your “before” … and as you start marking things off, you’ll begin to see (and I suspect, feel) the progress of the “after.”  Are you game?
I’m joining Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.
Many of you have said you’d like to blog about The Sally List (DO IT … and send me the link. I’d love to read it!) Others of you want put a Sally List button on your sidebar to help you stay focused. Feel free to grab the Sally List button at the top of my sidebar — or, if you prefer, take the button with code near the bottom. Together let’s see what we can do. I’m pulling for us all!
Comments are closed on this post because I’d like you to click HERE and add your comment to the Sally List post — so we can keep them in one place and more easily encourage each other.