The End of Life As We Know It …

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

I can’t help but wonder …  Is the opposite true, too?


Is it possible that life in its truest and best form actually BEGINS the day we stop being silent about things that matter?

The day we give voice to someone who has none …

When we value the life stories that came before ours …

… and let the generation after ours be born to tell theirs.

When we stop worrying about awkward situations and show hands-on caring to people whose futures are uncertain … 

… who feel like they’re carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders …

… who work from paycheck to paycheck — hoping to make ends meet.

People who have no paycheck — or home — and for whom the ends don’t meet … and never will.
When we stop silently snubbing people who make poor choices … and start showing compassion and encouragement and offering hope for a brighter future.
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The day we quit ignoring hard truths — like the fact that hundreds of thousands of pre-adolescent girls are forced into prostitution every year. Are we really going to remain silent?

Silent … about little ones held captive in situations beyond their control … while we experience freedom?

In fact, are we silent about that, too?  Do we silently respect our protectors … or are we quick to say aloud how much we value their service and their sacrifice …

… and the many unsung, often unknown, sacrifices of their families.

Are we so busy with our own lives that we forget the stresses and challenges of young husbands and wives?  Is there encouragement we can offer … if we’ll just break our silence?

And young families …  Those sweet little ones grow up, and sometimes the “sweet” turns bitter and exhausting … and young parents need the prayers and listening ears of those of us who have already been down that road.  And sometimes they just need a babysitter …
 It used to be the norm for families to value relationships and teach morals …

For students to actually receive a worthwhile education … while giving and getting respect.  And teachers could count on the support of parents rather than the blame …

“Work ethic” used to mean something …

And faith was the cornerstone of all that was right in our world …

In some circumstances, the proverbial saying, “Silence is golden” is true … but not in any of these.  Tears of hurting people flow in silence because many of us have been silent far too long, and our world … and churches … and families are now experiencing the consequences of our negligence.

Isn’t it time we break our silence?  Isn’t it time we pay attention and give credence to things that truly matter?

Isn’t it time we started living … making a difference … instead of going through the motions?

What changes are you going to make … today?  What research are you going to do … now … to learn the facts about a “silent” topic?


Whose world is going to be better because you decide to enter it … and give them a voice?


Maybe this is something for your Sally List …  It’s definitely on mine.

I considered turning off comments … but decided against it.  IF you leave a comment, I hope it’s because one of these areas has struck a chord with you, and you’re going to start trying to find your voice.  I’d love to know what “silent” topic is tugging at your heart.  But please… I can’t bear to read any, “We need to do more for those poor people” comments.  We’ve said that … and done too little … for too long.

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  1. Bravo, Susan! Speak up and be bold. I have broken that silence long ago and it has cost me much, but it has not and will never cost me what it cost my Savior.
    Thank you for boldly sharing the truth, especially on such a day. Only one thing to add, AMEN!

  2. You wonder if ONE of these areas struck a cord? I would say that they all did. I kept nodding my head throughout the whole thing.

    Funny… one thing that I kept thinking (being convicted about?) was the that I tend to be one who speaks up. I’m so passionate by nature that my autopilot seems to be set on “speak”. As I was reading this, I thought about the fact that people like me tend to speak on so many topics that we risk sounding like that sounding gong from 1 Corinthians. (That’s actually the premise of my very first blog post back in 2009) What I was convicted reading this was to try harder to listen more carefully to the direction of God as to what or whom needs my voice, my very specific voice called to that very specific cause or person. They are all worthy. Which is the one or few predestined for my voice?

    For that reason, I’ll resist my typical urge to pick one (or ten) by gut instinct. I keep thinking of the old proverb:

    If wisdom’s ways you wisely seek.
    These things observe with care.
    To whom you speak.
    Of whom you speak.
    And why, and when, and where.

    I will say this: Returning from Atlanta a few weeks ago, I noticed these billboards for “spas” which said “truckers welcome”. I made a comment about how odd it was to advertise a spa to a trucker, and my husband just looked at me with “that look”. I looked back at my daughters in the back seat, and I was getting the same look. I realized that these were the places my daughters had told me about where victims of human trafficking were being used around the Macon area.

    I haven’t been able to get that one off my mind for two weeks. How can EVERYONE know that it’s nothing but the sex trade and the law officials do nothing about it? I don’t know WHAT to do or HOW to get involved, but this one is really niggling me. I’m not talking about brothels either. I’m talking human trafficking of girls who can’t escape.

    Sorry this is so long. It just struck a cord.

    (And I did try to figure out what’s wrong by going to that site. I had forgotten it until you mentioned it again. Everything was so crazy last week. I still can’t figure out half of what people say. UGH.

    • (So sorry you’re still having blog problems!)

      Debbie, I totally understand the risk of becoming the sounding gong; I’ve felt that way myself often – and lately. I do believe, though, that God will help us know to whom we are to give a voice if we sincerely seek His guidance. It’s almost impossible to see all the areas of need – yet not know where to begin to meet even one of them … and so we don’t. (How loudly I am talking to myself!) It’s interesting, though, that the more I read and travel to some of our most dynamic churches, I’m seeing that God is calling people all over the world and in all walks of life to wake up and get involved in His work. He’s calling us to listen to that “niggling” we’re feeling in our heads … and our hearts. He’s providing the answers to WHAT and HOW – often (usually?) in the most unexpected ways. I, too, am praying for guidance, and I believe if we seek Him, we will most definitely find Him … if we seek with ALL of our heart. Let’s do it — and see where He leads! Scary? Yep. Leap of faith required? Yep. Worth it? I BELIEVE so, but there’s only one way to know for sure …

    • sounding gong returning…

      And another thing that I want to do is not just speak but act as well.
      Thanks again for this wonderful post.

  3. This hit many AMENS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t agree more, and God is showing how to not just speak up but put my hands and feet with my words. I want to be involved…I am in prayer, but I want to be His hands and feet. We are very close friend’s with the Ministry Blood and Fire in San Antonio Texas, they are working to end trafficking and opening up house of Hope in different countries…my heart just yells, “send me Lord, I will go!”

  4. I tweeted this profoundly moving and compunctious post. Did I hear somebody just say, “Dig out the Sally List”? God forgive us. Me.

    Lord, let my faith be revealed by my works.

  5. Wonderful post! The thing that tugs at my heart is the picture of the elderly woman looking out the window. I have seen so many lonely and forgotten elderly. I try to take a dinner, make a phone call or pay a visit to those I see in need. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. There is still hope for this world i know because there are a lot of good people who not only think but actually do what they think. I also want to be the person who actually does 🙂

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