PRIDE AND PRESIDENTS: The Opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

It was a Texas-size celebration with lots of presidential presence …

plenty of protocol and pomp …

… and one Proud Papa (and Mama, and Wife, and children).

As a young girl growing up in Austin, I had multiple opportunities to visit the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library.  I vividly remember the old campaign buttons … and the ball gowns worn by Lady Bird, Lynda, and Luci … and the White House china.  Imagine that!

A few short years ago, Renaissance Man and I toured the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station.  Because the events it recalled took place when I was an adult, my experience was less superficial … but I still loved the china!

There’s something about a presidential library that is unifying and awe-inspiring.

One nation under God … throughout history.
United we stand … through one event after another.

Yesterday, my beloved state of Texas welcomed its third presidential library ...
the nation its thirteenth.

… and with dignity, respect, and appreciation, a crowd of 10,000 including global, national, and state leaders, celebrated the man who once held the highest office in our land: President of the United States of America: George W. Bush

Faith and family … hallmarks of his life. Hallmarks of my own.  The same is true for many of you. 

God has truly blessed America. May we be worthy of those blessings.

Have you ever visited a presidential library?
Which one(s)? What impressed you the most?  
Go HERE if you want to learn more about the presidential library system.


  1. A beautiful post! Thank you so much fir sharing this great event. I haven’t been home, so I’ve missed it watching it on TV. President Bush is now a proud grandpa too! Have a great weekend.

  2. This is just beautiful!! I watched some of the festivities from the comfort of my den sofa.

    I have never visited one, actually, and we have one here in Georgia to see. I had included it in a field trip I planned with my students to Atlanta one time, and we got behind and overbooked and had to shuck the plan.

    You have given me an idea for an out and about the next time I head to the big city.