The Old Dogwood Tree

I absolutely love the wonderful dogwood tree that graces the front yard of my old house.  When I saw that Mary at Little Red House had chosen TREES as her prompt this week, it seemed like the perfect time to share these pics with you.

From the upstairs windows, it’s like looking through lace … a view that brings a smile every.single.time.

From the other direction …

Do dogwoods grow where you live?


  1. Yes, they do, and they are among my very favorite flowering trees. I have even brought branches inside to try to enjoy them that way, but really I just love them in the tree.

  2. Yes, they do. They are the provincial flower of BC. I love the creaminess of their petals. Gorgeous photos!

  3. Beautiful! I have a flowering magnolia tree in my yard, but I’m afraid it might not bloom with the exceptionally cool spring we’ve had.

  4. What gorgeous, gorgeous pictures of those beautiful trees! Love them-xo Diana

  5. These are beautiful photos. I like the different angles and yes, they do look like you’re looking through lace. So pretty! We don’t have them so I enjoy seeing them in photos. Blessings, Pamela

  6. Yes, they do grow in Maine, though I wouldn’t say that they are common. What a pretty tree. How enchanting it must be to have one on your front lawn. Love the “looking up” shot.

  7. Your Dogwood is a magnificent speciman tree.
    I love their simple flowers but sadly they don’t grow well where I am – winters are not cold enough I’m told!
    Because of that I would love to try growing one!!!
    Shane ♥

  8. Yes they grow in PA / your shots are lovely! 🙂

  9. I too love a dogwood and they are abundant here in the south. Do you know the legend of the dogwood tree. I didn’t learn it until I moved here to the south.

  10. Yes, we have lots of Dogwood trees here in British Columbia – pink and white. The Dogwood is our Provincial Tree and we love it!