THE TABLE OVER TIME: Field Trip to the Replacements, Ltd. Museum

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I’ve thought a lot lately about how tableware has changed through the years. Some patterns popular in 1979 when I began selecting patterns for myself … well let’s just say I’m STILL wondering what some of those designers were thinking.  Fortunately for me, I like what I chose “back then” — although my tastes have expanded A LOT in the past three-and-a-half decades.  Interestingly, as I was reading blogs and emails last week, I noticed some of you referring to your changing tastes as well.  I think it’s time for the promised post  — and a walk down Memory Lane …

You may remember THIS post about my spur-of-the-moment visit to

Judging from your comments and emails, heart rates among you dish-a-holics rose significantly when you saw these pics …



What?  You missed that post?  Well I won’t be offended if you stop right now and go back and read it. It’s okay … I know you want to.  Remember — I’m just like you when it comes to “all the pretty dishes.”  I totally understand. It’s like a really strong magnet is pulling you back to that post, isn’t it?  You want to see what you missed.  All the gorgeous dishes … and glassware … and silver … and …   Really … it’s okay.  I’ll be right here when you get back.  I promise.

 * * * * *

See?  I’m a woman of my word — and as promised in my previous post, I’m going to take you on another field trip … this time to the Replacements, Ltd. MUSEUM.  Let me remind you that I didn’t have my good camera with me that day because it was a last-minute, “we have a little extra time” surprise from Renaissance Man during a recent road trip.  So … camera phone pics will just have to do.
Enlarge any pic to see more detail.  Even slightly blurry detail is better than none, right?

The museum is located in a large corner of the showroom and is filled with fantastic display cases showing how the faces of china, crystal, tableware, and collectibles have changed over time. On this trip, I was snapping pics as quickly as I could — to share with you!  Next time I’ll look longer … and read more details. (Yes, I’m already planning a “next time” trip for this Summer … with my friend, Lisa, whose Fall tablescape I shared with you HERE. Come to think of it, Lisa, if you’d like to do a Springtime tablescape, just say the word!)
replacements06 replacements07

If you like “over the top” gorgeous like I do, you’re clicking to enlarge this pic about now … aren’t you?

I’m always a pushover for gorgeous royal commemorative plates … but especially now with the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton coming up on April 29 (Now how would you like to pay for that wedding?!!)

And then there was the glassware.  Shelves and shelves of glassware.  Sparkly, shapely, showing off at every turn … glassware.

I’m not a glassware collector.  I buy what I like — whether it’s “collectible” or not.  Sometimes I learn that it is; sometimes I learn that it’s not.

I am generally familiar with the names of the popular glass makers and styles, though. Don’t you love this child’s set of Carnival Glass dishes — in the original box!

I learned a bit about Anchor Hocking’s beautiful red Depression Glass after I bought some at auction to resell. This square design is Royal Ruby Charm.

I’d heard of Imperial Glass Company’s Candlewick, but I didn’t know anything about it … except that I liked some of the clear pieces. I’ve now learned that the colored pieces are “early” and harder to find.

Some of the beauties on display here were made by Heisey.  I’d love to see those pale aqua pieces in the center more closely …

A few “genuine Duncan” pieces — about which I know nothing!

Did you notice the large red reflection just below the bottom right corner of the punch bowl in the picture above?  It’s the scarf on this HUGE 32″ tall “Appletree Girl” by Hummel!



Speaking of HUGE …

Look at this absolutely incredible tureen by Royal Crown Derby.  The pattern is Gold Aves.

I’ll admit — I lingered here … Such detail!

One more picture … and a peek at all the reflections in the mirrors.

Good news!  Your field trip doesn’t have to end here! I just discovered a Museum Tour on the  Replacements, Ltd. website! You can go “in person” for a behind-the-scenes, nitty-gritty-details tour …
with no time limiit!  I’m headed over right now. Maybe I’ll see you there!



Have a wonderful week! I’ll see you in a few days for Tablescape Thursday.

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  1. Those are some gorgeous glasses and china! I could spend hours in a place like that!

  2. I love Replacements — they’ve made it possible to buy that set of china with an odd number of pieces to make it “whole” again. How lucky you were to go there! Loved the tour of the museum and of course, had to do the on line tour! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is one museum I would like to go to!

    I have been doing Royal Wedding Wednesday posts since January. Stop by and peruse a few past posts. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  4. great photos ! I’ve managed to stop by three times coming back from trips. Never get tired of looking at all the beautiful china etc.

  5. I feel like I just topped off my evening with a giant dessert. Thanks for sharing the tour…deliciious! Cherry Kay

  6. We have a similar company up here in NY called Classic Replacements. Not as big, but they also have lots of old china. I’ve stopped by a few times to browse around and had a great time. Thanks for the gorgeous photos!