Presidential Interior Design: Yea or Nay?

Hello all! On this weekend ablaze with red, white, and blue, I thought you might enjoy an infographic on the subject of Presidential Interior Design.


White House Renovations Rugs & Interior Design


Like me, I’m sure many of you enjoy reading about the history of the White House and its storied treasures—and getting a behind-the-scenes peek into some of the personalities who have called it “home.” I have a deep respect for the office of the President of the United States, although, sadly, I haven’t always been able to say the same about the men who’ve held the office.


Even so, a $100,000+ renovation budget for every new President? Am I the only one who thinks that’s a bit exorbitant?  What do you think is a reasonable amount?


However you spend this Memorial Day weekend, I hope you’ll take time to remember the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Remember their families.


We can talk about the “fun” topic of Presidential Interior Design, but let’s never forget that—right this very minute—men and women are still putting their lives on the line to protect our freedom. They’re everyday people with families, and pets, and bills to pay. They laugh, and cry, and worry just like the rest of us. Sometimes their military service gives them a much-deserved perk; other times it unforgivably gives them the shaft. But every day, they get up again and go to work. They keep training for the assignment they hope never comes. Their families keep standing proudly alongside. May we do no less.


Thank you to my Favorite Fatigue Wearer and his family for the sacrifices you make to preserve my freedom!


I’m sharing this springtime post at Pink Saturday‘s “anything goes” weekend!


  1. SUSAN!! You’re still here!! Your link was the first I clicked on today at Beverly’s, but I had no idea what a pleasant surprise awaited on the other end. Hope you’ve been well. Must stop by again soon to browse.
    Stay in touch.

  2. Great post love the inspiration. Sadly I think the 100G probably doesn’t go far when it comes to decorating the White House. Now following you in g+ Angels to you, and your soldiers.

  3. Oh my! $100,000? I think a few struggling families would love that just for basic living.

    Love the history compilation.

  4. I love The White House, too, Susan. And, like you I respect the office of the president. I can’t begin to imagine the challenges that come with that position. Our country is always in my prayers. Maybe one day we can find people to elect that want what is best for our country instead of those financially supporting them. $100,000 seems like quite a bit, but don’t get me started on the money wasted by our government.

    Thank you for sharing with us for Pink Saturday. This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as “the one with the most clicks”.♥♥♥

  5. Great post! The rugs alone for the Oval Office must account for the bulk of the $100.000 redecorating budget. Often, items and services are donated. Art and other accessories maybe selected from national museums, art galleries and the storage “warehouse” for past items used by many if hte presidents and their families. If you have never visited do make arrangments with your congreesperson or senator prior to visiting WASH DC. It is treat and a privilege most people in the world do not have; visiting the home of the head of state of their nation.

    • Linda, I have had the privilege of visiting the White House. It was George and Laura Bush’s last Christmas there. Such a treat! The building nearby with the history of the White House (and wonderful displays!) is a “don’t miss” too!