How about a FREE trip to a museum near you?

Looking for something fun and “easy on the wallet” this weekend?

You can thank my sister for this heads up!


Just click on the image to find a participating museum near you—wherever you’ll be this weekend! You can get two FREE tickets per household. Isn’t that nice?


If your Saturday is already full…  I did notice that some museums closed on Saturdays are observing Museum Day on Sunday, September 28.


I’ve got my tickets! When you get yours, leave a comment and tell me where you’re headed.


What kind of museum is your favorite?

What’s the last museum you visited?


  1. Yakima Valley Museum ~ in Washington State.

  2. PS: Thank you, I shared the info to my FB wall.

  3. This is great! There are none available near us but I will be sharing this on Google+ for someone who might be able to participate near where they are.

  4. Oh I will check this out. The Kimbell is my favorite museum, but then again I think I like a lot of museums. I loved the MET when I had a trip to New York. Thanks for sharing.