One step closer to ADVENTURE

Will someone please tell me how it’s the middle of November already?


Happy Monday to all, by the way. I don’t tell you enough, but I really appreciate you stopping by! I know your time could be spent elsewhere, so I’m honored you want to spend a few minutes at My Place. I hope by now you know you are ALWAYS welcome.


As you know if you’re a regular here, last week was one of “critical timing” at our house. Everything had to hit *just right* if we’re going to stay on schedule to move out of our old house and into our new temporary quarters at Wild Rose Farm by the end of the month.




Monday began with a rental delivery and lots of trench digging. Thanks, Renaissance Man!




Tuesday was spent running water pipe from the barn all the way up the hill to the new travel trailer site. While we were at it, we laid pipe down to the orchard, too. No more lonnnng water hoses necessary next year!


Wednesday we flew to Texas to pay tribute and lay to rest a brother-in-law.


By Thursday noon Renaissance Man was back at site prep—and I was running errands.


Friday he finished sitework while I stayed home cleaning out drawers and shredding papers. Honestly! How long had it been?  🙁


By evening we were both “over it” and spent a few hours at an auction. It’s the closest place to go where there’s no phone service, so a quiet evening is guaranteed!


Thankfully, we got no rain this week, so Saturday morning’s “new house” delivery stayed on schedule.


It was still tricky…


Before purchasing the fifth wheel travel trailer, we met with the delivery man to be sure we could get it onto our property and into place.


The verdict:  Using our primary entrance, we couldn’t.

There was an immovable boulder in the way.


But . . .

going through our neighbor’s pasture and coming up from below then backing the trailer into a “made to fit” opening, it should be do-able—if it didn’t rain.



There were three gates to open/close and fields to cross before getting to this point.


On a cold and windy November Saturday, the delivery went off without a hitch. I didn’t even have to hold my breath!



With 20 years of trailer deliveries under his belt, Dennis is our new best friend!



This adventure will be a preview of views from our Finally Farmhouse.


I’ve never lived in a house tucked in the woods, but I can hardly wait! As I sat inside the trailer—trying to decide what to bring from home and where to store it—leaves fell silently around me. Birds sang. Cows mooed.


It was so peaceful.

I’m sooooo ready for peaceful.


Soon final hook-ups will be done and we’ll start moving in. In the meantime, I’m making stacks of “must haves”—and continuing to downsize and pack. It’s another busy week . . .


Do you live in the woods? Have you ever? What’s the best—and worst—part about it?



In case you’re counting, it’s only 40 days until Christmas . . .  Have you decided on a theme?




  1. This is all very exciting. I will definitely be tagging along with your experience.

  2. What an exciting adventure!
    We are thinking about putting our house on the market and I have so much to do. Yikes!
    I look forward to reading more of your updates.

  3. I love your adventure, it truly is a dream of mine, but one I will have to experience in heaven. Trenches…yes, stood by while my boys dug for my son’s new home. His new family home will be tucked away on 2 acres just hidden from the ever growing Metro Plex of Texas…just a mile off the highway, yet hidden. I just go there and walk around the woods. Small…yet so big for this area. Enjoy!!! Enjoy!!!

  4. Best Part first:
    We, too, have parked our RV often in “the woods.” Squirrels, birds, birds, birds, coyotes calling to each other, hoot owls.

    Worst Part last: