Flower delivery

Renaissance Man sent me flowers.


While walking downtown to his office, he noticed something he knew I’d enjoy… and so (on a busy street with cars passing by) he pulled out his phone, stooped down, and took a picture. Then he sent it to me via text message!



Flower delivery


In these days of instant technology, there are a lot of ways to practice creative caring! Why not do something for someone TODAY— “just because”?


Have you ever been on the receiving end of techno-caring? Leave a comment and tell us!


Field Trip Friday-001

Coming Friday:  New Summertime series

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  1. How sweet! It truly is the little things isn’t it? My daughter and I send pictures of various things we think the other would like on a fairly regular basis. Definitely the up side of technology : )

  2. You have a good guy. The world needs more of the human touch and not so much tech stuff.

  3. You definitely have a keeper there. That was so thoughtful, and I know it must have made your day.♥