DISAPPEARING DOILIES: Packing away Yesterday’s treasures

Still packing here and preparing for adventure!


The past couple of days I’ve spent a lot of time sorting and packing vintage linens. LOTS of vintage linens. If you’ve spent much time here at My Place, you know I love vintage linens!


Every time I thought I’d gathered up the last one, I’d find another . . . and another.

I had no idea I used so many little vintage beauties in my “everyday” decorating, but I do!  Do you?



In this one little Autumn vignette, there are at least FIVE doilies plus the dresser piece.


Little touches of Yesteryear tucked in around the house add such nice warmth and softness.




I wonder how many I can sneak into my Adventure housing (aka travel trailer) to enjoy while we build our Finally Farmhouse?


What about you? Do you decorate with vintage linens?


While we’re on the subject . . .

There’s still time to get your (or Grandma’s) old pretties ready for holiday entertaining. Check out my Vintage Linen series if you need encouragement.


Remember, the best thing you can do for your vintage linens is use them!




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I hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends! Will anyone be laundering linens?  🙂



  1. So pretty and no I have only a few vintage linens, but I do enjoy the ones I have. Enjoy your adventure, it is one I would love to take!!!

  2. LOVE LOVE your post.. both of my grandmother’s crocheted doilies of all sizes & patterns… and every time i use one, i think of them… (although now they are showing how fragile they are after so many years….) It is very sad that we have so few handmade treasures or talented women that made these lovely pieces.. Thank you always reminding me of so many wonderful memories…

  3. I do treasure my vintage linens, too. I have a small collection mostly of pieces done by different family members plus a few others I have collected over the years. I launder mine per your recommendations. In fact, I have some I need to soak now.