Adventure on the Horizon!

Since our big, beautiful old house in town is selling, we began the search for a house to rent while we prepare to build our Finally Farmhouse.


We found one potentially viable house.




Super tiny (we’d still need to rent storage) and only three blocks from our present house—rather than closer to the farm where we’ll be overseeing construction—it was not a very good option.


And so we’ve decided to be adventuresome.


After living in over 3000 square feet of classic, high-ceilinged gorgeousness for more than a decade, we’ll soon be moving directly to the farm and living in this baby.



31-foot long pre-owned 2005 Titan Sunnybrook fifth wheel travel trailer


Some say building a house is one of the hardest things a couple can do together. I hope we’re not pushing our luck!


Actually, we may be crazy, but we’re getting a little excited. Just think of the advantages:

  • Change address only once That’s huge!
  • No yard to mow
  • House cleaning won’t take long
  • No room for clutter
  • Boxes can be stored in the barn
  • Money savings
  • Front row seat for farmhouse construction  I can hardly wait!


Of course, there are disadvantages, too:

  • Lots of advance planning necessary before packing up the household for a year
  • Keep access to all tax documents
  • Separately store projects to be tackled while house is being built (Rugs to clean. Furniture to repair/refinish. Christmas recipes to cook on our tiny stovetop.)
  • Minimal space for a year’s worth of clothes
  • Still need climate-controlled storage
  • Shower, no tub   I don’t need a crystal ball to see an occasional hotel stay in our future!


Timing this week is critical.




This morning Renaissance Man hopped on a Bobcat and started preparing the trailer site. Monday he’ll bring in a Ditch Witch and dig the trenches for temporary water, sewer and electrical—and then we’ll start laying the pipes.


At the crack of dawn on Wednesday we’ll fly to Texas for the funeral of a brother-in-law . . . because Life (and death) have their own timetable. But we’ve had him four miraculous years after telling doctors to remove life support and are grateful for every one of them!


By Thursday afternoon we’ll be back to site prep and awaiting arrival of the travel trailer on Saturday. If it rains and the path is slippery on Saturday morning, we’re in big trouble.


Because . . .


The next morning Renaissance Man leaves for a week of end-of-year fundraising in California, (Did you know non-profits like Hope Unlimited for Children often have to raise 40% of their annual budget in the last three months of the year?) and I begin speed-packing our possessions (hopefully continuing to downsize many of them) in preparation for a Dec. 1 house closing.


Like I said: Timing this week is critical.


This is our crazy, roller coaster life, but many you have asked to come along on the adventure as we build our farmhouse in the middle of this road . . .




.  . . overlooking this valley.



This will be the view from our front porch.


For there to be a new beginning, something has to end . . . so these next few weeks I’ll be saying goodbye and putting The End on our old house story.


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I’d love to hear about any adventures in your life—or what you think about ours.

And if you’ve ever lived in a trailer while building a house, I’m very open to words of wisdom!





  1. Good luck on your exciting adventure. I’m sure your new home will be beautiful. I’ve never lived in a travel trailer while building a house. But my husband and I built a house about twenty years ago and hired the individual contractors ourselves. My husband was retired and I was still working. My husband is just too nice. He also chose every bidder based on their bottom dollar. Big mistake. Sometimes cheaper is better and sometimes you just get what you pay for. Choose the workmen based on their reviews and reputation. If someone charges a little more they might be worth it. The cheaper people sometimes don’t show up when they say they will and everyone is thrown off schedule. Plus their work isn’t always what they say it will be. Luckily your husband has had plenty of construction experience.

    • Mary, it sounds like your house build was an adventure of its own! Yes, fortunately my husband has a construction background, and my degree is in interior design. Of course, that does NOT guarantee we’ll sidestep all pitfalls, but hopefully it tips the scale in our favor. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom! I hope you’re having a great weekend. 🙂

  2. Well, we had our house built while we were still living in our former one, so we’ve never done the travel trailer option. I love your view!! Condolences on the passing of your brother-in-law. Hopefully we might be able to arrange some time for a little visiting at some point in the future! You will be very busy, but it is good to take time off on occasion! Sending love and hugs! Nellie

    • Nellie, I wish we’d had the option to build while we “stay put” but alas… Sounds like you did it the smart way!

      I’d love to visit with you again—sooner rather than later. Let me know the next time you’re headed through Jefferson City. If that doesn’t work for both of us, I’ll surely be in Knoxville working on new house finishes at some point!

  3. Wow, you ARE in for a year of adventure! When we moved to Waco, we lived in a teeny apartment the first year, with the vast majority of our stuff in storage. It was SO refreshing to have so little to maintain! Just a few plates and glasses, carefully selected books, and we were good to go! We did visit our storage a lot, so labeling is highly recommended! Can’t wait to see pics of your house going up!

    • Tricia, you nailed it! After 2 1/2 years of keeping a house picked up/on the market, I’m definitely ready to take a break from all of the “maintaining”. I can already begin to see a little light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for the reminder to label our stored items. I can definitely see how on occasion we may need to dig in a few boxes.

  4. Susan, to say I am excited for this new chapter for you would be an understatement. And, of course I will be staying tuned for every step.

    We are holding course here. We visit my mother twice each week, and she is holding course, too. The evolution of our relationship is certainly a life lesson. Mostly a lesson that I am doing the best I can and acceptance. Our history definitely becomes part of our package. I am always thankful for your insight. It is like you know me.♥

    • “Our history definitely becomes part of our package.” No truer words… I’m glad you (and your mother) are holding course. I admire you for being there for her even though it surely brings you occasional stress. Acceptance is a hard thing, isn’t it? You’re a good daughter, and she’s very fortunate to have you and your husband. I hope the week ahead is a good one for all!