Taking a chance …

“Just one sandwich, it’s that good.”


That was the mindset of Don and Dolores Dissman in 1971 when they walked into Citizens National Bank in Austin, Texas. They wanted a loan to open a sandwich shop offering ONE kind of sandwich. Seriously? Just ONE?


With today’s compulsion for variety—and lots of it!—that’s almost unheard of.


Their special offering, patterned after a muffuletta sandwich, featured a variety of meats and cheeses plus black olives on fresh, toasted bread. They called their sandwich “The Original”.



Schlotzky’s sandwich: “The Original”


The Dissmans believed they had a winning product, and so they took a chance and pitched their idea to someone who (hopefully) would also believe.


The loan officer to whom they pitched their dream was my Dad.


Always a fan of a good business plan (and a really good sandwich), Daddy decided to take a chance on the Dissmans.


Thanks, Daddy!

Thanks, Daddy!


Following an overwhelmingly popular reception, Schlotzky’s added a few other sandwiches and more locations. My personal fav is their Ham and Cheese.




Today, 45 years and several buy-outs and reorganizations later, Schlotzky’s has over 350 locations worldwide and continues to expand.


Is there a Schlotzky’s near you?



Today’s re-branding with clean, colorful logo design


Sadly, Schlotzky’s hasn’t yet made it to East Tennessee . . . but over the past few weeks, I’ve been traveling. 🙂


Fayetteville, NC:  Recently Renaissance Man and I made memories with Little Sir and Daughter the Younger while savoring our Schlotzky’s sandwiches.


McKinney, TX:  Just yesterday I sat across the table from Sister and her husband, remembering the days of our childhood when we ate our first “Funny Name. Serious Sandwich.” We’ve eaten LOTZ more since then.



Previous logo


All because one couple took a chance on their idea—and one man took a chance on them.


I wonder . . .

  • Do you have a dream you should be pursuing?
  • Do you need to take a chance on something—or someone?
  • Has anyone ever taken a chance on you? What did that look like? (Someone certainly took a chance on me… God bless you, Renaissance Man!)


Leave a comment and tell us. My Place to Yours readers are great encouragers, so let us be here for you! Really . . . Take a chance on us!


By the way, just in case there’s any question, I’m not getting paid by anyone to write this post. I’m simply taking a walk down Memory Lane—and taking you along with me. I’m so glad you stopped by!



  1. Interesting, thanks for sharing.

    • We don’t have one on Macon but several between Atlanta area.
      Smoked turkey is what I usually get. . Will have to try the ham and cheese.

  2. Oh my, it’s my Favorite!!! I love the Turkey Original w/ hot sauce (not too much, just a dollop). That bread….It’s the best. I’m So Excited to hear the back story of my favorite sandwich. I live outside of Huntsville AL and when I go “to town” I almost always get my Schlotskys fix!

    I’ve not been following for about a year due to lots of things but I’ve missed you and greatly missed out on all the moving news. I’m looking forward to catching up. Afterall, your blog is one of my Top 3 ! 2017 is going to be my year of introspection….A year of learning to move past hurt, broken heartedness and a feeling of hopelessness. There’s nothing like loving a prodigal child to bring a mother to her knees. Although I’m deeply distraught over my youngest daughter’s choices, I’ve Finally come to an understanding that the only person I can change is ME! I Must move past the worry and hurt and move forward to live life abundantly as Christ has promised for those who know “Him”. I’ve lived in a fog for too long and at age 63.5 I need to Get Up & Get Moving. So that is what I am doing! Strengthened by The Word all things are possible, Right????

    I’ll be back once I catch up. I need the Cliff Note version of the last year and a half!!!lol