Celebrate Motherhood with a Baby Sprinkle (aka Shower Lite)

When I received the invitation, I suspected guests would be in for a treat…


Baby shower


We were!

baby shower decor

Sweet “little boy” decor set the stage.


The food-laden table was a treat for both taste buds and eyes!

baby shower food

LOVE the hand-lettering!


But the biggest treat was sitting in a room of about 20 women—most of whom I’d just met—and praying for my precious young neighbor as she awaited the birth of her third child. Women… A few single; most married. Some mothers (and grandmothers!); others not.


A beautiful mix of “ages and stages” … praying for our friend.


I trust she’s enjoying reading the notes we all wrote to her offering love and encouragement and “been there” wisdom. Mine was a variation of a previous Mother’s Day post… MOTHERHOOD: The Mother of All Roller Coaster Rides.


Shower notes


I’m happy to say that three weeks ago a new little neighbor moved in across the street… and tonight I held him (again!) and gave his Mommy a break.


I’m glad to be part of his “village.” It takes one, you know, to raise a child…


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there. No matter your “age and stage,” I hope you’re continuously finding joy in the gift—or gifts— you’ve been given.




  1. How fun was that! Congratulations to the family!


  2. Oh I just love this Susan! It must be nice to have a wee babe to hold now and again that you can also give back. 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!