The odds were against this mother…

Mothers – and Motherhood.


So many preconceived ideas, mixed emotions, shoulds and shouldn’ts…  Aah, the “voices in the head” when it comes to thinking of what makes a Good Mother. Anybody know what I’m talking about?


Today, I want to share with you a beautiful Motherhood success story. It’s still a work-in-progress, but it’s on the right track – and the odds were greatly against it ever happening this way.


Patricia’s Story was shown last week to a crowd of over 2500 people at the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit2014 in Chicago. You could’ve heard a pin drop…



What happened next?  This did. I was so blessed to be there in person!


I hope you’ll join me this weekend to pray for Patricia and many more young mothers like her. Whether they’re graduates of Hope Unlimited or young mothers in your own life, they need our prayers.


If you’re a Mom, you know… Motherhood is the hardest job – and the greatest blessing –

you’ll ever have.


Mothers Day 2014

And an extra-special Happy Mother’s Day to

Little Man and Little Sir’s Mommy (aka Daughter the Younger)

My Sister

and, of course, my own priceless Mom.

I love you all!


Need a little “Motherhood” encouragement today? Here you go… Motherhood: The Mother of All Roller Coaster Rides

I’m joining Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound. Join me?


  1. I will be praying with you.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Susan.♥

  2. I am so turned around that I had missed the first post that you linked back to. I just read it. I’m so happy for this girl and this wonderful little family. As I watched this, I remembered yet again why I think that what you do is so important. All I could think of was the expression “teach a man to fish”. That’s what they do there. They don’t just corral children together and keep them fed and safe. They don’t just attend to the immediate and obvious things that they lack or bow to that infamous “tyranny of the urgent”. Their eyes are fixed ahead of that, and they transform lives. Oh, what America needs to learn from this!!! We live in the most (superficially) blessed nation in the world and just do not *get it*.