NAKED CAKE — for a church baby shower? Yes, please!

Hello, Friends!


It’s been a whirlwind since we last met here, but I’m stopping in for a minute to say “hello” and share a few quick pretties with you.


Today’s inspiration began with nursery bedding chosen by our pastor and his wife for their first baby.


Notice the sweet woodland animals theme.


When asked to decorate for the church shower, I almost laughed. After all, my pretties are in storage as we continue our house-building adventure.


But when I learned the Mommy-to-be had chosen a woodland theme, I knew I was in luck!

That “interesting” log Renaissance Man found and put in the barn? It was the perfect starting point!


My favorite was the homemade cream puff stuffed with chicken salad.


Embellished with moss and pink impatiens, it turned out nicely if I do say so myself.  🙂



A few simple log rounds, pretty dishes, and delicious (and enticing!) food made for a delightful event.


White cake with strawberry icing — embellished with strawberries, thyme, and powdered sugar


The naked cake was the piece de resistance.

Don’t know about naked cakes? Google it. You’ll see some amazing creations…


The church nursery is growing. There’s a baby girl there now—and this one on the way next month.



And triplets in June!


Yep… All boys!


What’s your favorite gift to take to a baby shower? Frivolous . . . or practical?


  1. Great job, Susan. I love this look. The expectant parents must have loved it, too. Naked cakes remind me of so many cakes we had when I was growing up with frosting on the top and between layers only. I am not a frosting person, but it makes cakes so pretty. Like a party dress.

  2. Cindy Scott says:

    What a beautiful shower, I am sure the mom to be felt so blessed! My favorite thing is the log centerpiece!! I have never seen anything like that! So creative and pretty! I pinned it and hope to use that idea someday soon! Hope all is going well with building your new home!

  3. What a beautiful arrangement of food and flowers! I’m going to our first gender reveal party on Saturday so I need to go buy a baby gift in the next day or so. It’s for a couple at church who have been trying to have a baby for years and finally, finally the Lord answered their prayers with a yes. We all are so excited for them.