THE ROYAL BABY WATCH: Sending notecards while waiting …

Are you one of the many people on Royal Baby Watch?

If you are, perhaps you’ll like these notecards I’m sharing today at A Haven for Vee.  It’s time (already!) for the July Notecard Party
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I was waiting on the birth of Daughter the Older when Princess Di was waiting for the arrival of Prince William.  It’s hard to believe he’s now waiting on his firstborn …

What’s your guess?  Pink or Blue?


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  1. Those are stunning photos! What an amazing nursery!

    I have no guess about the gender – though I read that she almost said daughter to someone so maybe girl.


  2. I was awaiting the birth of our first-born while watching the royal wedding, just a year before William’s birth. It is hard to believe that he is now awaiting the birth of his first child. I’m not offering any opinions on the child – I’ll just wait and see.
    Beautiful childhood focused images Susan, just lovely.

  3. Oh…I hope it’s a little girl. Great photos!

  4. These note cards would be perfect for baby gift, thank you notes. So pretty!

    I’m thinking the royal baby will be a little prince.


  5. I think Kate slipped and said that she was having a girl, but I would think boy if she had not because…well, good heavens, I can’t go into that. As for your new little grand, does your family know?

    Really like how you have made all these photos into a cohesive set with your choice of color. They are truly lovely. What a beautiful nursery!

  6. Well first, I am absolutely crazy with the way you did all of these in black and white. It’s really beautiful that way, especially with the last question about pink or blue.
    (I’m guessing PINK for Kate. I’m hoping for a name like Victoria Elizabeth, but I would like to see some Diana in there somewhere. )

    These are stunning. I clicked to reread because I knew I remembered that first one but I didn’t know from what. That was before pinterest. Now, I need to go back and pin some of those photos in that one. It was amazing!!

  7. These are fun. I haven’t thought about guessing if they’ll have a princess or a prince but I think I’m leaning towards a prince.

  8. These are precious! I love the old-time feel with the sepia tone. We’re not on baby-watch. Too much other stuff going on.

    • Haha. We’re not really on baby watch either, but since every major news station has a crew sitting in London it keeps coming up. I think it’s crazy that they’re doing that. Don’t they know that babies come when they’re ready? Our last grandson kept us waiting for a two full weeks past his due date! 🙂

  9. Beautiful photos, Susan, and I am thinking blue! xo

  10. Love the way you did these in black and white, they are beautiful. You know I caught something on TV last week that said Royal Baby could be here at any moment so I thought she had already had that tell you something about my life (should have know it was just TV hype) I am hoping girl and it would be nice if Dianna was in the name

  11. Great shots.

  12. It is hard to believe that Princess Di’s baby is having a baby, isn’t it? Where have the years gone? I am guessing pink because I think Kate said SHE at one point. Of course, it could have been to throw everyone off. Gorgeous photos, by the way- xo Diana

  13. Oh, yes…I have a button on my sidebar proclaiming that I am ON THE WATCH…hahhaa…how fun.

    I say a son….

    Your photos are awesome and great note cards.

  14. Beautiful photos that would make perfect baby cards. I think it’s a girl and hope we find out soon. 🙂

  15. These are just perfect for note cards. Precious!!

  16. Sweet post, I hope its a boy! But will be thrilled for them if a sweet little girl!!!

  17. precious…we have two arriving this winter so we are starting to get baby fever around here…great note cards

  18. I ADORE the photos you used for your Note Cards! The coloring and the theme drew me in (as well as your Royal Baby Watch). I had babies SO long ago but if I did it all over again, I’d choose the colors in this nursery. So serene.

    My guess is BLUE. And isn’t Kate supposed to have had that wee little one already??? The world awaits!

    Happy July

  19. A nice theme for your note cards, the top one has a nice vintage look to it. I’m sure Kate would love a little girl to play dress up with.

  20. And now he’s waiting for Duchess Katharine’s arrival too……………..William and my eldest are only a month apart in age as well. That was fun.

    Best of luck with your grand – hope to be one someday soon but it isn’t looking likely.

  21. Fabulous note card photos!!! It would be amazing for the newest Royal to be a girl.

  22. Your images are beautiful, Susan, simply beautiful.
    I’m guessing girl, and I’d love to see Diana’s name honored.