THE GIFT OF FRIENDSHIP: Meeting a Blogland Buddy

Last week, Renaissance Man and I received the gift of new friends.  Technically, I suppose, I brought my sweet husband along to meet one of my “old” friends … someone I met right here at My Place almost three years ago … right after I started blogging.

You’ve met her here, too, through her gorgeous tablescapes.  In Blogland, she goes by Bonnie Bee.
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Well, Bonnie was blessed with a sweet husband, too … because he was willing to tag along and see if her “imaginary” Blogland friend was real.

Guess what?  Bonnie and I are both real … and so are our husbands!

The four of us spent a wonderful 2.5 hours together over dinner, time seeming to do the proverbial “fly by.”
I’ll let you in on a little something few people know about me.  Apparently I hide it well. I am totally uncomfortable making “small talk.”  I’d rather be speaking in public to a group of 1,000 people than having to make conversation with total strangers.  Oddly enough, that’s something I have to do often … but it never seems to get easier.

But last Thursday evening, I arrived at the restaurant feeling like I was meeting an old friend … because I was.  After years of building a friendship via email, it was definitely time for us to meet!  There was not one second of discomfort or wondering how to fill the silence.  Ha!  There was no silence!

And you know what I loved most?  We talked about things that matter.  About family … challenges … making a difference in our world.

We talked about Blogland and how some of the blogs we fell in love with initially are still going strong in the DIY/decorating world … but have fallen “flat” for us because just how many times can you redecorate a room without everything feeling totally superficial?

We weren’t comfortable with the time or money spent on those endeavors when there are so many needs around us … and worldwide.  Sure, we both live very comfortable lives, but sometimes they feel less “comfortable” every day … and we talked about finding balance.

Renaissance Man and I look forward to the next time we’re in Bonnie and Jerry’s neck of the woods — or when they’re in ours.  We will definitely get together again.  In the meantime, I’ll count it a privilege to exchange emails … and prayers … from afar.

Has your spouse ever met any of your Blogland friends?  Is he as intrigued as mine (and Bonnie’s) that we’re building friendships that are REAL?

Friendship …  It’s a simple gift that takes just a little effort.  Why not reach out to someone today … wherever you are?
You never know what difference it may make in someone’s life … or yours.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you’ll come back soon.  You’re always welcome … at My Place to Yours. 


  1. What a lovely time you had! No, my husband hasn’t met any of my blogging friends, though he has met a couple of them from the Weight Watchers boards.

    My blog seems to be a hodge podge of “stuff.” Not too much decorating going on here, though that will probably be the focus of a couple in the next day or so.:-)

    xo Nellie

  2. I am so glad you met your friend in person. You are SPOT ON about the superficiality o some blogs. That is my most challenging hurdle to overcome when I am visiting some of the well known blogs. I like REAL…and I feel guilty for all I DO have. It is hard for me to show my home and setting sometimes because I don’t want to make others feel “less than”—if that makes any sense. You are on the right track, Susan, because YOU are real.

    Now, I don’t know your friend so I think I have to pop over and see her blog- xo Diana

    • Diana, Bonnie doesn’t have a blog. She would be great with one, but her professional work schedule doesn’t allow her the time. I guess we’ll just have to enjoy the occasional tablescape she shares with us. I’ve told her she’s welcome to send pics my way anytime! 🙂

  3. Very well said my friend. I have only met a blogging friend once while traveling and my family was very concerned for my safety. Of course, everything was fine as we met in a restaurant at the hotel while my husband was in his conference.

  4. I can always count on you for thought-provoking posts, Susan, and this one certainly was! I hope someday we too can meet up. I’d like that. Thank you for visiting my espresso post! ~Zuni

  5. That is so exciting to me!! She is someone whom I really think ought to blog because the tables she has shared with you are gorgeous. I also remember vividly that she was among those who went out of her way to send me a birthday card when I turned the big FIVE OH NO. It must have been so wonderful to spend time with her.

    Here’s a secret I may or may not have shared: I am very similar about making small talk. You might not know it to listen to me because my mouth will often go a mile a minute, but I’m generally thinking that I know I’m making a fool of myself the whole time. My pulse is probably racing, too.

    I also get huge anxiety meeting people. Oh, I can strike up a conversation with a random person in a waiting room just fine, but a set meet and greet can make me physically ill in advance. I get ill before EVERY retreat I teach, too.

    Anyway, I am so glad you met her and had a good time. Hope she sends you some more pictures. (And I relate to what you said about losing interest in some of the big time blogs. I’m more relational and maybe a little less visual I think.)

  6. Making and actually meeting new friends is one of THE BEST things about blogging! So happy that you and your hubby were able to spend face-to-face time with one of your online friends.

  7. It is such fun to finally meet in person those friends we have met through the world wide web!