Whatcha Doin’?

I’m still here!  I hope you are, too.
It’s turning out to be a really busy Summer at My Place!  I’ve been busy playing …

See below for how to make these cute t-shirts.

… and PLAYING!

And that man I married has been gardening …
Sure wish I’d had time to do a tablescape with these gladiolus!

… so we’ve been freezing and canning … and too tired to cook!   Anybody else have that problem?

We’ve had the front porch repainted after a roof leak removed 106 years of paint.  Yikes!

I’ve also been reading … and reflecting.

Reading and reflecting on your responses to my recent Reader Survey, too.  I’ll share the results with you soon.  You are an interesting bunch!

And finally, I decided to take the plunge on something I’ve wanted to do for quite awhile:  My Place to Yours is getting a makeover!  I’ve spent a lot of time planning exactly how I want this blog to function so it will be more reader-friendly … then last week I started working with a designer to get “the look” I have in mind.  She’ll start my actual design very soon.  I can hardly wait!  Stay tuned …

What about you? 
What’s happening in your world these days?


* * * * *
 If you’d like to make your own “Made in USA” t-shirts, check out this tutorial at Pretty Handy Girl.  She and I both used our Silhouette cutters, but you could always cut out the shapes by hand — and use ready-made letters.  The one additional tip I’ll offer:  Always be sure to pre-wash your t-shirts and fabric first.


  1. WOW .. dear friend you have been busy. Can’t wait to for the reveal of your new blog look!!! On this end I’m happy to say I have successfully completed my course in Life Coaching am now a Certified Life Coach… YAY!!!! am also trying to keep up with blogging, getting my book finished and taking some energy based courses (meditation, chakras etc.)

    Happy summer… xo Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  2. Love those shirts! The slip and slide greatly resembles the one we have.:-) We just couldn’t get the water to go in the desired direction. I don’t know what was wrong. The grandchildren managed to find themselves wet enough, anyway.

    I’ll try to get an email off to you later today.:-)


  3. Sounds like your summer has been a busy one. I thought this would be a “quiet” summer for us- not happening. Can’t wait to see your blog makeover- xo Diana

  4. It has been a busy summer, going by way to fast!!! Can’t wait to see your new blog!!!

  5. I sure wish I had as many good excuses as you have! As for me, I am flitting from one thing to another and not seeming to accomplish a thing worth yakking about. Sad, huh?
    I know you’re having a ball with the little men, and I can’t wait to see your blog makeover. I’ve always been way to cheap to do a professional one, and it shows. Sigh.

  6. Wow Susan! You have been busy! Summer is full and fun at our house with periodic moments of rest and relaxation which is just the right balance for us. So fun to pop over and catch up on all of your happenings my friend!

  7. Now I must say…that is the way to spend summer. The shirts are precious, I haven’t appliqued in years..gardening, how fun and what wonderful fruit from your labors…paint..well that is part of having such a wonderful home. Blog design….how fun!