Tablescape Debut

To Susan at Between Naps on the Porch:
Congratulations on 100 weeks of “playing in the dishes!”

What a treat it is for me to have this blog “up and running” in time to join the celebration over at Between Naps on the Porch. 100 weeks of tablescaping … How fun is that?!!!
My Tablescape Thursday debut is all about SPARKLE! If we were celebrating a 100 YEAR anniversary, the gemstone would be a diamond — actually a 10K diamond!  Now that would provide a lot of sparkle — and that was my inspiration…
When I think of “sparkle,” I immediately think of bright white linens and cut crystal with touches of blue and silver. To stretch myself a little, this time I threw in a bit of pink.  What do you think?

I started with a white damask tablecloth then laid a couple of risers (baking dishes of different heights!) in the center of my table and covered them with a beautiful vintage bluework table square. On that I placed three large cut crystal bowls filled with water and floater candles, and surrounded them with crystal candlesticks.


Then I started layering: a ribbed glass charger and a floral china dinner plate …


… clear glass plates with silver overlay, a crystal and silver coaster, and tiny platinum-banded stemware.




Next I placed the iced tea and water goblets …


… set out the flatware and napkins (with crystal napkin rings) …


… added a couple of accent pieces with silver overlay …



… tucked in a vintage salt cellar (with the tiniest glass spoon!) … and sprinkled mirror tile “confetti” on the table.


Finally, it was time to add the “over the top” sparkle — and a little something for each of my guests. Do you see what it is?


 Does this help any?


How about this?


A vintage handkerchief cushions the “10K diamond” paperweight and adds a smile of sparkle to each place setting. Now we wait for our guests to arrive …

Night has fallen and candles are lit as we announce, “dinner is served.”





A wonderful time was had by all!  Let’s do it again next week …


These items are NO LONGER available in my Etsy shop.

* Vintage bluework tea cloth
* Royal Sealy “Garland” china – set of 8 dinner plates
* Vintage dinner napkins
* Vintage open salts/salt cellars
* Platinum-banded crystal stemware
* Vintage plate with silver overlay
* Crystal and silverplate coaster set
* Vintage handkerchiefs

Items from my personal collection:
* White damask tablecloth – auction several years ago
* Cut crystal bowls – various auctions years ago
* Crystal candlesticks – various sources over the years
* Ribbed charger plates – auction several years ago
* Small silver overlay plates – auction several years ago
* Oneida “Michelangelo” flatware – estate sale several years ago
* Mikasa “Helena” crystal goblets – Christmas gift almost 20 years ago
* Crystal napkin rings – auction several years ago
* Compote with silver overlay – antique store years ago
* Mirror tiles – Michaels (or Hobby Lobby) years ago
* “Diamond” paperweights – Hobby Lobby last week (on sale for $2 each)


Are you beginning to see a pattern? I pick up a lot of pretties at auction! If you want to learn more about auctions and how to purchase at an auction, I invite you to start following my blog. I’m beginning an entire section called “How To: Auctions”


  1. Luv the sparkle!!!
    Very pretty tablescape and think you’ve done a wonderful presentation for Tablescape Thursday!

    Glad I was able to stop by for a visit.

    God Bless and may you have a sweet week,

  2. Everything certainly does sparkle! Love the way the crystal has designs on it. Thanks for sharing and welcome to blogland!

  3. What a gorgeous premier! Love all the sparkle-especially the salt cellar. thanks for coming to the party this week!

  4. i really enjoyed your table and the way you described it. i own a few of those ‘diamonds’ too! a girl has to have some bling!!
    all the best,

  5. Your crystal is absolutely stuning and I do love anything that sparkles…especially crystal, what a beautiful setting. I want to welcome you to tablescaping, I am a new follower of yours and i will be back again forl more settings, enjoyed looking at the wonderful pictures….

  6. So sparkly and fun! You set a very beautiful table. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. This is certainly a 10K table. You know how to sparkle that’s for sure. What lovely cutglass bowls you have, and the napkin rings even, everything is just lovely and you did such a nice job photographing it.

  8. Susan–I am also new to this! The table is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am so tempted by those dinner plates! At least I can afford those “diamonds.” I saw the ruby coronation on your etsy–I have that same set, but could never sell-it just wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without it! I’m following you–maybe we can learn this together! Linda

  9. Welcome to blogging. Gorgeous tablescape debut!

  10. This is quite a debut on TT! Love all the sparkle and shine, and your candlelight photos are breathtaking!

  11. Sparkle indeed! It is such a table for a celebration. I especially liked the photos at night.

  12. A great debut! Your glassware is just beautiful.

  13. Not only would the table have sparkled once the candles were lighted for the evening, the complexion of every woman at the table would glow like the most valuable pearl.. Lovely table. Thank you for sharing your design. Cherry Kay

  14. Beautiful table! Love all the sparkle. Neat find on the diamond paperweights! That was such a cute touch. The silver overlaid dishes are exquisite!

  15. Love all the sparkle! Welcome to TT! It’s alot of fun! Thanks for sharing….

  16. Oh my, this is just stunning. I love the look of all the beautiful china and the way you have coordinated all of the dishes. The crystal is stunning and everything just sparkles like diamonds. Wow. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

  17. Susan…this is stunning and beautiful! I love the WOW factor, not to mention all the glitz and glamour of this tablescape. It feels like a fabulous celebration for our 100th TT! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the “ingredients” at the end…so awesome that some of these beautiful pieces are actually available for purchase! Beautiful!

  18. Susan, Your table epitomizes ‘sparkle’. It’s simply stunning and I like the addition of a little pink. The napkins in the stemware are so pretty.


  19. What a debut! Love all the cut crystal. Those dinner plates are fabulous.

    All the Best,


  20. Truly inspirational. Cutwork tea cloths as the centerpiece. Brilliant. It screams elegant and shiney. Perfect.

  21. Hey Susan,
    you are certainly living out your “artsy” side and I love that you can share it with the world.
    All I can say is WOW!
    Love you girl, thanks for staying in touch!
    Julie Tietje – Pflugerville, TX

  22. Wow, what a great table! I love all the sparkle you’ve brought with the cut glass, glass pieces, and lighting! Great idea using diamonds as your theme…after all, they are a girls BEST friend! Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!

  23. Wow, what a beautiful sparkling table for your debut TT…it will be hard for you to top! Your linens are lovely.

  24. Gorgeous! Sparkle is a great name for this tablescape!


  25. Susan,
    you table convinced me to follow you from the first moment, I saw it. Whow, what a table. I loove the idea with the baking tray, thats just something after my heart. I am collecting good cut glass things and have some pretty things. But yours are really outstanding and also I adore your overlay items. So pretty. And then, the crystal napkin rings! Would love to have such. Really pretty table and worth for such a celebration. Thank you so much for sharing this, I will come back next week.
    Greetings, Johanna

  26. Oh how pretty! This does just sparkle! Welcome to TT – loved your debut~

  27. Hi….visited you for the first time today and feel that I need to follow you. We like a lot of the same things….china, crystal and silver, to name a few, and anything vintage. I am new to blogging and would like to invite you to visit me.

  28. Though this table was created a very long time ago but I can’t stop my hand in writing a simple compliment with what you did here. Your dinner wares are so fabulous and elegant. I know your table went into such an awesome tablescape.

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