Mother in the Kitchen

Several weeks ago I wrote a post highlighting this vintage praying lady. You may have seen it…

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In response, I received a comment from Sandi who writes the delightful blog Small Town Living At Its Best. She told me that she has a set of these praying ladies that once belonged to her grandmother. That got my attention. An entire SET? I told Sandi I would love to feature her set here and asked if she would like to write a post for her blog that I could link to. I was so glad when she said “yes”!

While Sandi prepared for her post, I decided to do a little research on the praying ladies. I came across an eBay Guide written by Judy (eBay seller sagalot) in which she gives lots of fantastic information about these highly collectible ladies. Judy has graciously allowed me to excerpt some of her Guide and include it here. (If you want to know more, just click on the Guide above and read her entire article.)Here’s what I’ve learned …

These ladies were made by Enesco beginning in 1956 and into the 1960s and were sold in small-town department stores, gift shops, and five-and-dimes.  They are commonly known as the “Mother in the Kitchen” or sometimes “Prayer Lady.”

I was surprised to learn that the ladies come dressed in several different colors. The colors are listed below beginning with the most common and ending with the extremely rare.

Blue with white trim
White with blue trim
Yellow with brown or green trim
Turquoise with white (w/ puffy sleeves)
Rose with white (w/ puffy sleeves)

I was also amazed to learn the great variety of pieces that were made. Obviously, all of the pieces were not made in every color, because many of them are VERY difficult to find.  Even so, the types of pieces made are:

Salt and pepper shakers
Napkin holder
Spoon rest
Toothpick holder
Ring holder
Egg timer
Air freshener
Scouring pad holder
Spoon storage
Instant coffee container
Crumb brush and pan
String holder
Money bank
Wall plaque
Cookie jar
Tea pot
Sugar bowl and creamer
Clothes sprinkler
Flower pot
Bud vase
Canister set (flour, sugar, coffee, tea)
Picture frame
Candle holder set
Coffee cups

Don’t the pieces they chose to make remind you of a different day and time — especially the string holder and clothes sprinkler?  I love it!  Would “young-uns” today even know what those pieces were used for?  (Do you?)

I can hardly wait to see what pieces Sandi has in her set! In the meantime, (waiting patiently) I looked on eBay to see what was listed. There were many! Click here to see the one large set that caught my eye. It’s being offered by catqueens2 and includes 7 pink ladies plus the price guide book. (Unfortunately, the auction will end shortly after I post this. I hope it sells, but if it doesn’t and you’re interested in any of the pieces, I suggest you contact the Seller and see if she plans to re-list.)  The Seller (also named Judy) kindly agreed to let me post her photos here so you can see some of the kinds of pieces that were made. Let’s take a look …

Salt and pepper shakers


Toothpick holder


Napkin holder


Napkin holder (side view)


Spoon storage


Spoon storage (back view)


Scouring pad holder


Scouring pad holder (birds eye view)


The collection

(The “Queen for A Day” is a ring holder.)


Wow!  We’ve learned a lot about collecting these vintage ladies … Now I hope you’re as ready as I am to hear from Sandi who loves hers because of the memories attached to them.  Let’s click on her blog to hear the story!

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This post is being linked to Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound — where Beverly’s October Saturdays are dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Thank you, Beverly!

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  1. Oh, there really a whole set!! How wonderfully sweet they are all.

  2. I can’t believe, knowing how much I love old stuff from that era, that I had never seen these besides what you posted here earlier.

    I love this whole set and will be heading to Sandi’s to look at more.

    You know… part of the beauty of them is the sweet and simple reminder of how much we need Mother praying in the kitchen!!

  3. Debbie, I had the same thought…

  4. Thanks so much for sharing my “ladies” too. I love the background information. Wish I could have all those others! I would have to gobble them up if I were given a chance! Thanks for the info, and also thanks for putting “us” on your blog! Sandi AKA Small Town Living At It’s Best

  5. I have never seen anything like this before! They are precious!

  6. I don’t remember ever seeing these before-they’re wonderful-thanks for sharing the whole story!

  7. Oh what an amazing collection!! I have never seen so many pieces together like that. Love it!!
    Happy Pinks..xo Tami

  8. I have never seen those before. My grandmother had the Ladies head vases with pearl earrings and such. that was really interesting. I’ll have to keep my eyes open when I’m thrifting. Happy Pink Saturday.

  9. I’ve seen these ladies all my adult pretty.

  10. Your girl is very sweet. Yes, those are quite collectible and people snap them right up on eBay I see. What a great group of them, I didn’t know they made so many different ones. Thanks for sharing !! Happy Pink Saturday !! 🙂