YOU JUST NEVER KNOW … Secrets of an Old House

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I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends … and I’m honored that you stopped by for a visit here at the beginning of the Christmas season. If you’ve visited here before, you know how much I love old houses.


One of the things I find most fascinating about them is that you just never know.  You never know when the weight of the second story is going to become unbearable.  You never know when the old heat/air unit will decide to quit.  You never know when an elderly man will ring your doorbell then hold out an old skeleton key and ask if you think it might fit any of the doors in your 100-year-old house … and you’ve heard that the original owners have a grandson who lives an hour away.  (That’s a post for another day!)  You just never know …

  In the basement underneath our kitchen is an old dirt-floored root cellar.  Today it houses things like the hot water heater and the water softener.  Recently, Renaissance Man walked into the kitchen after a trip down to the root cellar, and in his hand was something long and small and black.  He handed it to me, saying he found it in the dirt at the entrance to the root cellar.


In my hand lay a pretty little demitasse spoon, still in excellent condition except for a little lot of tarnish. Like I said … You just never know.  I wondered how long it had been buried in my basement … and to whom it had belonged … and how had it gotten there … and if it is sterling … and if there are any more.

After a quick rinse to remove the dirt, I pulled out the Carbona Silver Wipes I told you about HERE and started polishing.  I have more polishing to do, but before I get into Christmas decorating mode, I thought you might like to share in our latest discovery.  The “before” and even partially clean “after” is pretty obvious …
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I’ll never know the answers to most of my questions, but I now know that this little Art Nouveau-style demitasse spoon is sterling.  The pattern name is Violet, and it was first made by R. Wallace & Sons in 1904.
I thought we had found all of the hidden treasures our old house had to offer.  But I was wrong.  I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open a little wider from now on … and watching with expectancy.


Now I wonder how many other treasures in my life—the ones that really matter—are hidden just beneath the surface.  Am I too busy to notice them … or have they not yet shown their faces?  Will I see them when they do?


Today is the beginning of Advent, the beginning of a season of waiting and expectancy.  It’s a liturgical time of remembering a long-ago nation waiting for the Messiah.  It’s also a time of intentionally focusing on Christ’s second coming.  As I find myself today in between those two momentous events—after the birth of the Messiah and before His promised return—I’m also wondering what new truths are waiting patiently for me to slow down and discover them?  What person is waiting for me to share of my abundance?   What lonely heart is waiting for a kind word—from me?  Will I keep my treasure hidden, or will I share the miracle of a Baby’s birth with the world around me?  Will I tell them that I have Good News?


For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.  (John 3:16)


Do you believe that?


During this Advent season, as Christians around the world prepare to celebrate the long-ago arrival of the Christ child, we also await His second arrival.  When will that be?  You just never know.  Are you ready?


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  1. I’m your linky neighbor at Mosaic Monday stopping by for a visit. Wow! I’d say you found a delightful treasure. Beautiful little sterling spoon. Even the mark is unique and interesting. ~ Sarah

  2. Wow those are really vintage!

    MOsaic Monday

  3. A wonderful post!
    Have a nice week,

  4. I love your spoon story. Having had an old home years ago I appreciate your “find” so much. Let’s see:
    1 – I remember my mother telling me that a long time ago women would clean the silver in the dirt. Can’t remember if she said it removed the tarnish or what
    2 – The spoon was given to a child to play with outside… making “mud pancakes”
    3 – Dishes and silver were being brought in from a very festive party and there was a spill…

    I just can’t help it! My mind comes up with all sorts of scenarios…
    Have a super week.
    Ladybug Creek

  5. What a find..that is why my son wants an old house. I am one of those who has stopped by my grandmother’s place and asked the owners if I could just walk the property. The house was gone and a new on in its place, but the pecan trees were still there. It was a special time for me…they said I could walk around.

    Advent…yes! I posted on it yesterday and YES I am ready for His second coming.

  6. Susan, great story about your FOUND treasure, but… I had to pin to Pinterest your framed TRUE meaning of Christmas… just beautiful! thanks for always bringing us back to the important meanings in life!

  7. What an interesting find. I’ll bet you enjoy the HGTV show If Walls could Talk. I know I do! That little spoon would look so nice in a little shadow box.

    Robin Flies South

  8. What a delightful find and clever metaphor.

  9. Susan, what a great find! I love such unexpected treasures. And speaking of treasure, I cannot wait for His second coming. My heart is fixed on the clouds. 🙂


  10. Beautiful post with such great meaning! How neat to find that little spoon.
    I’m trying to keep my eyes wide open. We get so busy sometimes we forget what’s really important. Thanks for reminding us.

  11. You had me from the first paragraph. I would love to live in an old house and find the buried treasures. I think it’s the little girl who wanted to be an author still living inside of me.

    I love how you compared it to the immeasurable treasure we all have waiting for us if we only look below the surface. More precious than silver it is.

  12. What a precious little treasure! I always ask all those same questions when I find something old. Who used it? Why was it down in the root cellar? Did the owner miss it, and had she been looking for it? We will never know.

    Susan, I am so very ready for His second coming! Even so, come Lord Jesus!! Thanks for sharing this great post!

  13. These are just amazing decors:-)

  14. What a lovely house with a love decorations. 🙂

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