I Need a Metamorphosis! … Fairy Tale Ball Gown

Once upon a time, there was a couture wedding dress designer who made the most beautiful ball gown-style dress with a fabulous 7 1/2 foot-long cathedral train.


That dress was ME!  Um, it still is …



Hundreds of dollars were spent to purchase my yards and yards of champagne-colored silk. Then my lovely drop-waist style bodice and long lace sleeves were embellished with a stunning flower design made up of thousands of pearls.




To show off my lovely designer’s talent, I was worn in a few fashion shows. Quite honestly, those events had me whirling and twirling so much that I just don’t remember how many …  As you can imagine, the fashion runway is a fast-paced place, and my models had to dress and undress quickly. There’s so much pressure on them to hurry that I can’t blame them … but they really were a little rough on me and, unfortunately I sustained just a little trouble.  … Oh, really, I’m fine. Thanks for asking! It was nothing too serious. My biggest need is to have the lining inside my sleeves replaced. The beading on my sleeves is still fabulous. Absolutely stunning!  The models weren’t rude, you know — just in a big hurry — and they tore my insides. Gee, that sounds a LOT worse than I feel!


I’m really still the same beautiful — make that absolutely gorgeously fabulously wonderful — one-of-a-kind fairy tale wedding dress that I was created to be. With just a little TLC, I can be ready for someone’s special day … and I want that so much! The nice lady who writes this blog bought me at an auction after those whirlwind style shows, and she’s taken such nice care of me.  But we’ve agreed that it’s time for me to find a new home. She says I need a metamorphosis. That sounds scary to me, but she assures me it’s a good thing. She hopes that someone will want to take care of my few little problems then let me star in my dream-come-true wedding. Oh, I would love that!  With my beautiful long sleeves and heavy beading, I was meant to be the most beautiful bride (um, wedding dress)…
But … big breath … I understand that some fabulous seamstress may just want me for my beautiful fabric and pearls. I may never get to be worn in a wedding.  Big sigh … big pause

Looking on the bright side …  Lucky me! I have the rest of my life ahead of me!  Have you ever wished you could start over?  Reinvent yourself?  Get a do-over?  Well, I guess I can do that if I need to!  I’m yours!  That is, I CAN be yours if you’ll have me. I’ll be anything you want me to be. Whatever you need, I’m it!

Me? What do I need?  I need a metamorphosis … Can you help me?  If you can — or know of someone who might be able to — please click on the picture you see below of my beautiful beadwork and read more about me on Etsy. I’m selling myself — and the nice lady says we’re even willing to consider all serious offers. I don’t know what that means, but I guess you do.
Another big breath

It’s time for me to find a new home …

6.26.14 UPDATE: I’m still looking for someone to love me…  My owner listed me on Etsy. She says you can “make an offer.” I think that’s a good thing. I’m available HERE.

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  1. Oh. . . this wedding gown is beautiful!
    ~ Julie

  2. That is such a beautiful dress! I wish I knew someone getting married soon. This dress is crying out for a winter bride! Just gorgeous! I hope you find the perfect person!!!

  3. Gorgeous!! I hope some talented dressmaker/designer snatches it right up. It’s just too beautiful not to get a new life.

  4. I so hope some deserving bride has the distinct honor of wearing this beautiful dress. What a cute story. I love your way with words.
    Thank you so much for visiting on my first day. I hope that you had fun. I especially appreciate your choosing to follow my blog. I know we can have a few laughs together. Ginger

  5. What a neat story to go along with the dress!