This Non-traditional Table: Is It Your Style?

Thursday again already?  I knew it was going to be a busy week at My Place, but boy has it flown by!  

Besides all of that busy-ness, I’ve been blessed with a visit from Little Man and his Mommy … with more company coming in tonight … so I haven’t had time to tablescape this week.  Instead, I’m going to share with you a very non-traditional tableI’m curious if it’s your style … or not.

Here’s the setting:

I’m running errands in Knoxville, an hour away from home.  It’s lunchtime, and I’m on my own … but I don’t like eating in public by myself.  Something about sitting at a table all alone feeling conspicuous.  So instead, I stay in my car and eat lunch in a parking lot … only to find that I am by no means alone.

On my right …

Behind me …

That white car across the street, too?  Uh-huh.

Further down on the right, too.   They must have come early.  I know … because they found a shade tree. 

So did the car way down there on your left …

For someone who enjoys setting a pretty table, then sitting at it for a meal and memory-making with family and friends, I’ve sure spent a lot of time in my life eating lunch in the car.  Seems kind of silly … but I’ve been this way all my life, so I don’t think it’s about to change now.  Besides, I actually like the quiet … or listening to the radio … or reading a book.

How about you?  Every now and then, is the center console of the car enough of a table for you — or is that not your style?  Please leave a comment and tell me. I’m very curious …

I’m linking to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.
If you want to see a pretty tablescape this week, you’ll have to follow me there … since you didn’t get one here!


  1. At least you stop to eat…I often grab something to eat and just keep driving. My post uses the gorgeous plates that I got from you. Hopefully the link will bring you some business. Cherry Kay

  2. Oh goodness, yes!!! I would NEVER go in somewhere and eat by myself. Glad to know I’m not alone! ;0)

  3. Oh what a great post!
    I have never had an issue eating in public by my self! But most people I know are more like you and would tend not to! Either way works!
    Dee Dee

  4. Thinks for sharing! Neat post! I don’t in public alone either.

  5. Oh, I’m fine dining alone. The people-watching is great entertainment! Plus, I don’t have to share my dessert!

  6. OK, first I have to say that I had a vision of all those people calling 911 because of the woman stalking them during lunch with her camera. ha!

    As to dashboard dining? Well, we did breakfast on the go around here for 9 years while the girls and I headed thirty miles to school and work. We always put it in a basket with a linen napkin lining it, no matter what the breakfast was. It was just a “thing” we did.

    Since they have moved away, I don’t do any dashboard dining. The husband doesn’t like it much at all and will generally stop and go in to grab a bite even though he’s alone.

    However, in full confession, I have been known to snarf in a meal from the drive thru rather than be patient long enough to get it home.

    • LOL … I’m very discreet with my camera phone! I do remember reading about your wonderful breakfast tradition (and the LONG drive every day – Wow). Love the term “dashboard dining.” Will have to remember that!

  7. I traveled for 10 years and got used to eating alone in a restaurant. I would go in with a book and pretend to read, but really watch all the other people.. so fun! xo marlis

  8. Pretend to read… That’s what I’ve done the times I TRIED to eat alone, but it felt so awkward! People watching IS fun, though!

  9. Susan… this post brought back so many memories of eating lunch in the car -when I worked in corporate ..meeting after meeting with little time in between. Can’t wait to go and read more about your new shop!! xo HHL

  10. With all those cars around, did you think for just a fleeting moment that it was a case of mistaken identity and they had you under surveillance? 🙂 🙂 🙂 I have NO problem eating ANYWHERE!!! I don’t really eat out a lot because I like to cook, but when I go to restaurants by myself I make it a point to engage the wait staff so that I feel like a very important person. It’s kind of fun! I almost always have something to do while I’m sitting there, so I don’t feel the least bit self-conscious. If I don’t have a magazine or book, I BLATANTLY people watch!!! I have no shame!!! As for eating in the car…FUN!!! I LOVE to people watch, and sitting in my car gives me a great vantage point! I turn on the radio, tuck my little napkin in around my collar and lap, and just have a heyday! Headed over to My Place to Yours Shopping!!!

  11. That is very cool and rather like sitting at Grand Central or the Lobby at the Waldorf where you can view life as it’s passes by (or sits in a car). You should do whatever makes you comfortable. Quiet time is hard to find and if that work for you, by all means………………

    I do have to say in defence of those who will go in a restaurant and eat alone, it’s not so bad – I actually enjoy it, but then I tend to frequent the same places much of the time and people know me. However, I always have a book to read and have found that many people do the exact same thing. Figure at my advanced age, I’ve earned the priviledge of eating where and when I want to and if alone, quite enjoy the experience. My spouse or friends are always welcome, but I too enjoy some alone time.

  12. I have three small children and cannot remember the last time i ate alone, much less in a car alone. I have probably done it before, i can’t recall.