Table for Two: Lunch on the Porch

Earlier this week, we finally had the perfect day for lunch on the porch.  Hot (but not too hot) with a gentle breeze.

I grabbed some pretty Summertime linens and dishes …

and flowers from Renaissance Man’s garden …

… and started playing in the dishes!

Cuisine Kathleen asks us to include a “tip,” so here’s my tip:  When partying on the porch in hot weather, use lots of cool, clear glass and bright colors. They’ll take your attention away from the heat!

In no time at all, a table for two was ready and waiting for food and conversation.

I love how Old Glory invited herself to the table.  She knows she’s always welcome at My Place to Yours. So are you! 
Click HERE to see how I made this etched vase.

Add some Chicken Salad sandwiches, Five-Cup Salad, homegrown tomatoes fresh from the garden …

… and sweet iced tea.

Here in the South, it doesn’t get much better than that!

How about where you live? Has it been cool enough for lunch on the porch — or only in your dreams?

Five-Cup Salad
1 cup crushed pineapple (drained)
1 cup mandarin oranges (drained)
1 cup miniature marshmallows
1 cup flaked coconut
1 cup sour cream
Mix together and refrigerate.


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  1. Only in. My dreams…102* today…cold spell; I’m going to need a sweater. Your porch is so wonderful for luncheon for two. The tablescapes is beautifully crowned with your garden flowers. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  2. We are WAY North of you and it is so hot here I can’t imagine eating outside. We need some cooler weather AND some rain- Blessings-xo Diana

  3. Your porch is a beautiful setting for lunch or a glass of iced tea! Love your hanging ferns & wicker!

  4. Your porch is incredible!!! It is 102 here at the lake at 6 in the evening. Just seeing your porch makes a difference!

    Your table is wonderful! Love it all!

  5. What an amazing porch! Loving your furniture. I really could live out there all year long. Love the pretty dishes and the food.. ooh amazing.. xo marlis

  6. News Flash: We reached 108 today!!! I didn’t even want to open my door for clients who came over!!!!! 🙂 I have all the blinds shut in the house, and I try not to turn on lights unless and until absolutely necessary. I have had to learn to cook in a Crock Pot (not something I really ever liked to do!), and all activities like showering, cooking on top of the stove or in the oven, laundry, running the dishwasher and ironing must be done no later than 11:00 a.m. It was already 98 degrees by noon ’round here today, so NO…we are NOT able to eat outside unless we want to cook like bacon ourselves! 🙂 Your table, of course, is absolutely lovely and looks like the kind of table I would enjoy sitting down to on a reasonably warm afternoon. The flowers really add a spark of fabulous color!!! I am going to Google 5-Cup Salad because I have no idea what that is. (I live a very sheltered life here in the ‘burbs! :-)) Wow…your Boston ferns look super, super healthy!!! Good luck on the auction! I hope you raise tons of money!!!

  7. What a beautiful porch!! Your setting for two is so pretty and your menu looks and sounds so good!!
    Thanks so much for sharing and have a wonderful night!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  8. Beautiful!

  9. I love your front porch. And yes, SWEET iced tea is the beverage of choice here in the south. It’s been pretty pleasant to sit out on our porch, until today!!

    Jocelyn @

  10. Like Alycia, I’m off to Google Five-Cup Salad.

    Thanks for the lunch on the porch! You made me feel like a queen!

  11. Its been way to hot to eat outside here but I do love your table. The blue is very cooling and what a great tip! Hugs, Linda

  12. Alfresco dining is my favorite. I’ll be happy to join you for a glass of that iced tea on that gorgeous porch. What a delightfully beautiful spot!

  13. Oh how I love your porch!! I have been planning a breakfast on the deck all summer but haven’t done it yet. By the time we get cranking, the heat is on. Your porch looks so welcoming and wonderful. (If I have seen a front view of your beautiful home, I don’t remember it. I love it.)

    The table looks wonderful, and I am definitely going to try the salad recipe.

    I also see that I was blessed to be high bidder on two beautiful things. I wish I could have bid on more, but I’m truly grateful for your generosity with the beautiful items I did get!

  14. oh lovely! i feel like i was right there with you. the recipe sounds delicious, thank you!!

  15. What a lovely front porch you have!!! Wishing you a grand day!!! Will be trying the 5-cup salad!!! Cathy

  16. Oh wow! Just lovely – I could sit there all day! Your ferns are magnificent!!

  17. Oh my goodness, your porch is SOOOO inviting! Yes, I can see myself there, all day, every day! Very pretty table and lunch looks perfect for a summer day!

  18. Susan, your porch is a wonderful setting for lunch! Those zinnia are gorgeous — they are my favorite summer flower, and I loved seeing the variegated ones. Your menu sounded perfect on a warm-but-not-too-hot day!

  19. What a beautiful house and porch. Your furniture and table look just so inviting.

  20. Oh how wonderful…just beautiful, and your ferns are great also. Well we have dinner on the table out back…but I would so enjoy a front porch

    I am reading Lioness Arising – Wake Up and Change Your World by Lisa Bevere…and I just keep hearing your name over and over again…it is you!!!

  21. Your porch is lovely and it looks like a great place to have some lunch!
    It was 84 today, but very humid, so we ate inside. I do enjoy eating on the porch when we can!
    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely table at Let’s Dish!

  22. Very pretty Susan! I think this is the first time I have seen your porch. It’s very nice! I love the combination of dishes you chose too. Very colorful and the food looks so delicious!

  23. What a beautiful setting for a lunch.

  24. Beautiful setting!! I am hosting a Giveaway to win a 50 dollar gift card to the store HomeGoods. It would be great if you stopped by and entered. Thanks Anu