EVER-EVOLVING AUTUMN DECOR {Will tried-and-true decorating tips work in my tiny house?}


On the day I spy the first colored leaf, my mood starts to change as this October-birthday girl’s thoughts turn to cooler temperatures and emblazoned branches.


This was the view up our driveway last Fall. It will look a little different this year.



If you happen to be a new visitor here, you don’t know that, after living for over a decade in the big, historic home we renovated in the city, my Renaissance Man and I and moved to the farm to build our Finally Farmhouse. This year, at the top of that soon-to-be-Autumn-bedecked hill, sit our temporary living quarters.



Autumn decorating is interesting at My Place this year!


Honestly? I was just about to put the wreath on the door, hang the back-to-school flag, and call it good enough for now when I was introduced to Havenly and decided to share my Autumn decorating tips. I was happy for the jump start—and happy to spend awhile perusing the wealth of decorating ideas on their site!


So here goes . . .


These are my go-to favorites when decorating for the upcoming season.

I’ll give you specific examples at the end.



Challenge for 2017:  How many of these elements can I fit into my tiny house?


Answer:  More than you might expect! I’m sure I’ll work in a few more as the season progresses.


Textured fabrics: throws, pillows

Wooden box, dried leaves, acorns, nuts (That green ball is a hickory nut.)

Pottery and leather (It helps that the leather book is a miniature!)

Texture—natural and handmade


More pottery


Here’s an aside . . .  When downsizing before we moved, I semi-reluctantly put those handmade Italian tiles in a box of things I sold to a woman to put in her shop. A few weeks ago I spotted them there, and my heart leaped exactly as it did the first time I saw them—and so I bought them again. 🙂  Lucky for me she undervalued them a lot!


I love their colors!


Speaking of color . . .


I sometimes like using “non-traditional” colors in my Autumn decorating.


A pop of BLUE (Click the pic to see the original post.)


A punch of PURPLE (Click the pic to see the original post.)


What about you? Are you a traditionalist using orange, red and yellow only—or do you stretch yourself with “unusual” Autumn colors?


Need more Autumn inspiration? Here you go!


I promised you some examples of my favorite Autumn elements . . .

TEXTURED FABRICS  burlap, macrame, doilies, tapestries, knits

WOOD  bowls, candle holders, napkin rings, wooden fruit

METALS  pewter, copper, brass, gold

POTTERY  the more “rustic” or textured the better!

LEATHER  books, boxes, pouches

COLORED GLASS  candle holders, plates, stemware

DRIED BEANS  one variety or several mixed together

ACORNS  Just hot glue the caps back on if they’ve already fallen off!

MIXED NUTS  “drizzled” them throughout your display or tablescape

CANDLES  real wicks or flameless — pillars or tea lights. I use them all!


  1. Love the way you are making it so homey!