Merry Christmas from {Adventurous} My Place to Yours

Well so much for those “all about Christmas” posts I hoped to write after getting moved . . .

Believe me. I wrote every one of them in my head.


Instead, I’ll just count it a major accomplishment that the move is behind us, everything (including the tricky laundry) now has a place, and Christmas presents are wrapped—except several ordered online and shipped ahead of me to Texas—because I didn’t plan well enough . . .  but you won’t make me count those, will you?


It’s five days until Christmas,

so I’m going to assume if you’re reading this, you’re skimming quickly (I get that!), so I’ll give you a very quick peak at the new digs where we’ll be adventurous for the next few months while building our Finally Farmhouse. It’s just over 300 *cozy* square feet, and we’re settling in quite nicely, thank you. Someday I’ll take pics in the daylight so you can see the view!


It was a great day when I remembered the small, chippy-paint chest stored in the barn! Although use of vertical space is key in a small space, horizontal is key to my sanity!


Not much horizontal space here… Thankfully there’s a drop-down section of cabinet on the left side—in front of the door.

I’m a blogger, so I commandeered the dining table, stored three chairs, and set up shop. Thankfully, the little cabinet that used to hold sweaters in my closet fits perfectly. (That’s an electric blanket draped over the chair for the chilly Winter days ahead—and last week!)

Two steps up from the living area to the Master “Suite”. (Those little baskets under the edge of the mattress are for laundry.).

Squeezing into the vertical space above a 4-drawer cabinet. Wardrobe-style cabinet on the other side of the room helps, too!


So, for now, this is My Place.

The one that promises adventure, creative cooking, and a shared remote.  😉  We’re very grateful to have it.


May gratitude be on your mind and lips, too, during this holy season.


May the Baby in the manger beckon to you, calling you to draw near to accept the free and unmerited gifts He offers:  love … and relationship


For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him, will not perish, but have everlasting life.  (John 3:16)


May you find room in your heart (and make time in your busy schedule) to reach beyond yourself to neighbors, friends, family who need some creative caring.


May you know that you are loved. I may not know the name or circumstance of every one of you who visits here, but I don’t need to. God already knows all about you. I care because He cares.


Merry Christmas, my friends . . . from My Place to Yours. I’ll be enjoying time with family. I hope you can, too!


One of the benefits of moving is rediscovering treasures. This was a birthday card from Daughter the Younger that just begged to be embellished!




  1. Merry Christmas to you, too, Susan. I wish you joy and peace.

    Your new digs look wonderful to me. I am excited to follow you on this adventure.

  2. We have dear friends who have decided to become full time RVers., so I am fully aware of the storage challenges that you have been facing. You have done a masterful job carving out those special spaces that you need to conduct your life while the final farmhouse is under construction. I know that you will celebrate with great relish the day that you are moved into your new home. I pray that you have a joyous Christmas as we remember the birth of our priceless Jesus Christ. Hope that part of your holiday includes lots of family and friends. Merry Christmas! Cherry Kay

  3. Your adventurous place looks very cozy, Susan. When Dennis and I were designing our cottage we considered going even smaller than our decided upon 670 sq ft. Den did a design for a 325 sq ft tiny house with a murphy bed and lots of other space-saving attributes. It was super cute, but we both realized long term it would never be enough space for us. I’m happy we settled on the size we have, and by adding the 190 sq ft studio for him (attached by the breezeway) it really works great. Look at all the time you’re going to save cleaning during this time while you’re building. Believe me, you’ll be glad you have all that extra time. May the celebration of our Lord’s birth bring you much joy. (Love the embellishment of your daughter’s card.) Hugs, Nancy