What I’m Learning While Moving Out of My Old House

The end is in sight!


It had better be! Cleaning happens Tuesday— because the soon-to-be owners of our old house do their final walk-through Wednesday. Closing is on Thursday. And Friday our new adventure officially begins.


But oh, the things I’m learning (or remembering) while preparing to move . . .

In no particular order:

  1. I’ve got the best husband in the world—and we make a great team.
  2. I’m not getting any younger, and this move is creating aches in places I didn’t know I had places!
  3. If you wait long enough to file important papers, you can just shred them instead.
  4. It feels good to pass things along to people who can actually use them.
  5. It’s nice to sell a few things, too. But Craigslist doesn’t work very well where I live.
  6. I don’t need most of what I have.
  7. We often don’t know what challenges our neighbors face.
  8. Houses are dirty.
  9. Murphy’s Law is real. The battery will die in the wi-fi doorbell. Light bulbs will burn out all over the house. Power steering will go out when you need both vehicles to stay on schedule. The U-Haul store will run out of packing paper.
  10. Home Advisor is a great resource! (And no, I don’t get anything for saying that.)
  11. Christmas decorations are addicting. And I would give anything for time to make a wreath!
  12. It’s possible to be “almost finished packing” for an entire day!
  13. It feels like a luxury to know I don’t have to UNpack everything anytime soon. But when I do, it will be like meeting old friends!
  14. People are more important than schedules. Slow down even in the midst of the “busy”. It will be worth it.
  15. Once we build and move into our new house, we’re going to settle in. The next move will be to a nursing home—and the daughters can do the packing! Renaissance and I made a pact, so it must be true.


What kind of moving experiences have you had? Did you learn anything from them—or anything about yourself? 


  1. Hmmm, it’s been a long time, but yes, everything on your list sounds quite familiar. 😊 I claim the Lord’s protection for you both throughout the remainder of this process. God bless!
    Cherry Kay 🍒

  2. All such good tips and reminders Susan. I know this time is bittersweet for you and will keep you in my prayers for a smooth transition. Blessings of the season to you and yours.

  3. I really hope I never have to move again. I’d be very happy to go directly from this house into the arms of my Savior! 🙂 It’s going to be fun to follow your progress as you journey toward your dream home. Prayers for great success. xo

  4. Twenty-two moves in 36 years of marriage. I get to clean my house more often and I know what to keep and what to give away or sell.

    Downsize is our name of the game. Our motto? “We don’t need that.”