Layering the Warmth … Sharing the Warmth

Brrrrrr!  It’s been cold at My Place lately, and we’ve had to layer the clothes when we take our walks.  I’m not crazy about layered clothes.  Too bulky!  I do, however, LOVE layering the dishes!

I’m featuring pinecones again this week, but the look is totally different from last week’s tablescape.  These little Harker Pottery accent plates I found in an auction box last Spring were my inspiration.  I’ve been waiting a long time to use them!  I think their “pen-and-ink” look is gorgeous.

It’s a simple, warm tablescape on this cold day …


A warm, snuggly textured throw makes a great tablecloth …


A simple soup tureen evokes thoughts of warmth, too …


Aaaahh, here are those layers I love …  Notice all the linear elements in this tablescape.



The berries in the border of this Wedgwood plate made me think “Winter” …


so I centered it on the table … added a vintage crocheted doily for more warmth and texture … and then placed the tureen.


I never pass up a chance to add layers of texture to a Winter tablescape.  Vintage doilies are a great way … and they’re NOT old-fashioned.  Let’s talk about that soon …


Look at the texture in these twiggy napkin rings …   Love it!


Winter cold … Warm homes


Aren’t we blessed?


Here’s a novel idea …
Let’s not just count our blessings. Let’s share them!
Click HERE to see why this is my favorite charity.

I’m partying at Between Naps on the Porch.  It’s Tablescape Thursday!
I’m also joining the Cozy Home Party at Cozy Home Scenes.

Tablecloth/throw: Sonoma Home (auction)
Chargers: auction
White dinner and salad plates: Gibson “Claremont”
Accent plates:  Harker Pottery “Pine Cone”
Soup tureen:  unmarked (antique shop)
Black/white plate: Wedgwood Queen’s Ware “Morton Old Hall” (auction)
Flatware: Mikasa “Italian Countryside” stainless
Goblets: Dollar Tree
Candle coasters: auction
Napkins: Dillards (store closing sale)
Napkin rings: The Christmas Store
Doilies:  vintage (various auctions)



  1. That’s a beautiful tablescape! White ironstone on black transferware – ahhhhh. ~ Maureen

  2. What a great blog! I just stumbled upon it wheni was googling a china pattern.

  3. Susan — what lovely pinecone dishes! Loving all the elements of your tablescape 🙂

    Chilly weather here too BUT it is Janaury, lol. The sunshines bright but it is too cold to spend much time outdoors 🙂


  4. What a lovely tablescape!
    Your layers add so much!
    Dee Dee

  5. I’m thinking a great big tureen full of homemade vegetable beef stew…right? Hey, I was going to donate; is there an option to use PayPal? Also, I was thinking one of each of the gifts…one time…$10.00 each. If not PayPal, I’ll just send you a check. Let me know. Cherry Kay

    • Yes, Hope accepts donations via PayPal. Just go to their site ( and click the donate button on the left side of the page. You then will have the option of PayPal. Thank you!

    • For some reason the Hope site would connect through to PayPal. I’ll try again later. Thanks for letting me know. Cherry Kay

    • Well, you discovered something we needed to know! Here’s what you can do tonight: On Hope’s home page, click on Donate (rather than Five for Ten). The page that comes up next will give you the option to use PayPal. When you make your donation through PayPal, just add a comment that your donation should go to Five for Ten (or to whichever specific item you choose). Thank you again!

  6. What a beautiful warm and inviting table!! I’m with Cherry Kay on the soup! I’ve been eating soup for weeks. Your tureen is beautiful.

  7. That’s such a refreshingly different look than the usual black and white. I love all the layers and the fact that you used that throw for a tablecloth. It’s perfectly inviting and cozy, especially with those nubby napkins and the rustic looking napkin rings. The mood you set made me think chowder. It just has to be chowder.

    (And btw,I love doilies too so please DO talk about that soon.)

  8. This IS a warm and cozy table…love the throw you thought to use for a “tablecloth”–that’s the perfect foundation for a “warm” table. And thank you for pointing out the linear consistency–I would’ve missed that, and it would’ve been a shame if I had, because it DOES add something more to the table! The pinecone dishes are great, of course, and so are the napking rings. I’m glad you left it all at black and white and didn’t throw another color in. Lovely. ~Zuni

  9. How pretty and elegant your table is. Love the layers of those dishes….what great pinecone dishes!

  10. Your creativity really shows in this pretty tablescape. I like the simplicity of the pinecone plates, really pretty. I also love the Wedgewood plate with the pretty edging. Everything is put together beautifully. I would like to invite you to add this to Your Cozy Home Party today. Would love to have you come!———- Shannon

  11. Susan, using that cuddly throw as a base was inspired! It really gives off a cozy vibe that is appealing this time of year! I also love all the ribbed elements you used together.

  12. I love your black and white tablescape, it’s very pretty! Your pinecone plates are especially lovely.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. I feel warm and cozy visiting your tablescape. Love the throw as your tablecloth. Great auction find in those plates, and I love the daintyness of your napkin rings.

  14. Love the table…and your description of it. My mother’s china was “pen and ink” so this reminded me of hers.
    Pretty table

  15. We certainly ARE blessed! I think about that quite often. “I cried becasue I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.” One of my favorite quotes. Really makes a person stop and consider the true depth of their own “problems.” We are entitled to moaning and crying over our messes, but I think in that same breath we should thank God for the blessings above the mess. Anyhoooooooo….I don’t think I’ve ever heard the expression “pen and ink” to describe the look of the dishes, but it makes perfect sense! I’ve learned something new today! Beautiful!!! Everything about this table says “warm” and “cozy” and “gracious.” Very nice! Hope you get to shed some of those pesky layers soon! Take care!!!

  16. Another beautiful table, Susan. I love the idea of using a throw as a tablecloth. It does add so much warmth. Black and white is always beautiful to me. Your layering is spectacular too.
    Now, on to another table of sorts. I was actually stopping by to get the connection to Hope Unlimited again. Glad you added it.
    Blessings to you, my friend.

  17. Also wanted to know if Hope Unlimited is still doing the Valentine’s project for the girls? I added it to my Pink Saturday post with a link but want to double-check with you. This is the link I have for it:

  18. it all looks so pretty and elegant

  19. Hello Susan, I’m visiting from Marcia’s blog. You table is gorgeous, I love the pine cone dishes, beautiful! Lucky you to have found them. Enjoy. I’m off to read more about Hope Unlimited For Children and the Valentine’s day project. Have a wonderful day. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  20. What a beautiful table, Susan. Love the pine cone plates.