Upstairs Bedrooms: Old House Renovation Story

Welcome to My Place to Yours™ and the continuation of our Old House Renovation Story. We’ve already seen the downstairs rooms and the mid-level bathroom. If you missed any of those parts of the story, the links are added below this post. Today we’re headed the rest of the way upstairs.


In reality, I’m listening to the roar of the surf and sitting in front of a fire at the most wonderful villa in Puerto Varas, Chile! More about that soon; just wanted to mention it now so Mom and Dad will know we actually did make our flight out of Bogota’!


When I first laid eyes on the upstairs landing, it was wrapped in very old flocked wallpaper. Renaissance Man said it looked like a bordello and should go. But I loved it – and it was in great condition – so I planned to keep it,  at least for awhile. Unfortunately,  a couple of electricians must have needed their hearing checked because they totally ignored what I said, assuming the wallpaper was “outta there.”


Funny… I just realized I’m literally biting my tongue as I type this – just as I did the day they ruined my antique wallpaper. It was a good thing for them that I had a rare lunch date with a dear friend and had to leave – and that they finished their project before I got back…


Here’s a better view of the original “architectural” wallpaper I mentioned in a previous post.


So this is what the landing looks like today. Creamy-white painted walls give the small space a fresher, lighter look anyway…



On the second floor of our old house are three large rooms. Rare for a house built in 1907, two of the rooms have large closets; one doesn’t – but it did when we first saw it…


At the top of the stairs, turn 180 degrees and look straight into the room ahead of you. (We’ll call it Room #1.)This is what we saw the first time we did that. Have I ever told you how much “stuff” was still in the house when we bought it?! This is the room where a closet was added. Notice (behind a young Renaissance Man) where there’s a smooth, sheetrock section of wall connected to the original concrete wall? That new section is a small closet the previous owners added for storage. It totally ruined the proportions of the room!

Spare rm4


Here’s the same room right after the closet was removed.

Spare rm1


Here it is today. If I’d realized what a difference taking out that closet would make, THIS would have been my workroom! It has the most gorgeous light in the house.

Spare rm2

Spare rm3


Room #2… Let’s start back on the upstairs landing – the first time I saw this room. (The door to Room #1 is on the left of this doorway on a perpendicular wall.) There’s that red wallpaper again…


And mint green wallpaper inside the room…  Step inside the room and look left.


Notice the double windows – one tall and one short. Have you ever seen that? Two of our upstairs rooms are like that.

Guest room5


Now turn and look to the right.  There’s the first big closet. I gave you a peek inside once when I told you that Auctions Are Hard Work!

Guest room1


Here’s the same corner of the Guest Room today.Guest room4


And the view back to the left…

Guest room3


Now swing your eyes back to the right – past the closet door – and you’ll see this alcove…

Guest room2


Now, for Room #3… Step back out on the landing with me. At the top of the stairs, my Workroom is on the right. Notice the glass in the door. Every upstairs bedroom has it. So odd… You’ll notice I added a simple film for privacy.



Come on in… Here’s how the right side of the room looked the first time I saw it. That’s the second large upstairs closet straight ahead. I use it for Christmas storage.



This is a multi-purpose room: computer/blogging, sewing, crafts, laundry (with a double sink and lots of countertop space for cleaning vintage linens!), and even space for shipping supplies. Yes, this is where I am when I pack up Restoration Linen Cleaner to send it you.



It’s also a place where I surround myself with “stuff” I love –and things that inspire me. It’s been fun having this much space to spread out in, but it’s waaaaay more than I need. When we downsize, I’ll just have to get creative…



Well, now you’ve seen the upstairs rooms – and all of the original house as we purchased it. Next time, I’ll show you what we added… If you don’t want to miss it, be sure to sign up to future posts delivered straight to you inbox.


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In case you’d like another little bit of our old house “upstairs” history…

One day, shortly after moving into our old house, there was a knock at the front door. When I answered it, an elderly man stood there holding an old skeleton key in his outstretched palm. He asked, “Do you think this will fit any of the doors in your house?”


My response? “If you think it might, I sure hope you’ll come in and tell me about it!”


You see, I’d been told that the original owners – Roscoe and Rose Witt – had a grandson who lived in nearby Knoxville. Something was telling me he was standing at my front door, and I was beside myself with excitement!


As it turns out, I was correct, and the old gentleman asked if he could bring in a friend sitting out in the car – a woman who had grown up on our street! Yes, please… I want to hear your stories!


Remember the first upstairs room I showed you? The one with the most beautiful light in the house? The grandson – the old man sitting on my sofa – was born there. Upstairs… in my house! His parents lived in nearby Dandridge, but his mother wanted to be “home” when she had her baby… and so she came home to Mama – and the only house she’d ever known as a child. I love that!


After about an hour of storytelling, the gentleman asked if I’d like him to send me a few pictures. Well, YES! Unfortunately, he had gone through a lot of things  – and gotten rid of a lot of things – before he learned that his grandparents’ house was being restored. He would have had a lot more, but he was kind to share what he had. It was from him that I got


and this…


the bill for the 19.5 days his grandmother was in the hospital
following the birth of his mother.


FYI: The ambulance ride from Jefferson City to Knoxville is approximately 40 miles


Maternity hospital



  1. $73 dollars for 19 days… my my my how times have changed. Now, that much money won’t even buy you a tylenol. I wish I were kidding about that.

    Anyway, I am here this Saturday morning with a pair of minutes and a huge mug of coffee to read and enjoy and be inspired before I start my day. The day is fully planned and loaded so my time is limited, but I wanted to see more of the tour.

    I love the nooks and ceilings and windows in these room the best of all. I actually like the door(s) with the windows. I wish I had more windows in my doors around here. It’s a dark house and that would help.

    I am positive that I would fall madly in love with your home before I got off the front porch. It’s so very me. When I get to Heaven, I hope my room in God’s house looks like a room from an old house. I’ve told Him so. I’m pretty sure He laughs.