Auctions are hard work!

I’m linking this post to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch. I hope you’ll check out all of the great metamorphoses you’ll find there!

I have TWO of my own to share with you this week.  Here’s the first one…

My vehicle BEFORE I attended an auction to buy more treasures to put in my Etsy shop — so I can send them … from My Place to Yours

The same vehicle AFTER the auction  đź™‚
And my dining room AFTER the auction
(I suppose this was a metamorphosis, too, but I think the implication with Metamorphosis Monday is that it involves an improvement.  After a long, tiring day at auction, this just feels like a MESS!)

Oh, but it was a goooooood day, and I can hardly wait to unpack everything and look at it more closely.  Why don’t I give you just a few sneak peeks…
Lenox china — a large set for a great deal … which I can pass on to you!

Late 19th century pearl-handled dinner knives

Beautiful vintage linens … I have LOTS of laundry to do!

A silver set … a pair of “courting couple” brass girandoles … sooooo many other treasures hidden in those boxes!

Let’s open just one more… Could it be? Yes it is – a Capodimonte footed centerpiece bowl with cherubs

So now I have a dilemma … Where do I PUT all of these treasures until I can offer them to you?  Looks like I need another metamorphosis …

Behind this door in an upstairs guest bedroom there’s a little extra space! I added “utility” storage in the past, but I think I can squeeze in one more large shelf — and that would make a huge difference!  Let’s open the door and see if it’s possible.

Yea! My sweet husband says it’s “do-able” … so what are we waiting for?
Let’s get busy!


Success — except that I’m already out of space before unpacking a bunch of those boxes down in the dining room… Hmmm. Maybe I’ll look for a great piece of storage FURNITURE next!  🙂

OK, I’ll give you another sneak peek … but I have to warn you that the light is bright, the glassware is shiny — and the combination is giving my camera fits!  But I know how we dishaholics are, so here goes anyway!  If you see something you think you’ve “gotta have,” email me and we’ll create a My Place to Yours version of Let’s Make a Deal!
Remember, I did say this is a guest room closet … and I don’t want my inventory to overwhelm my guests! Why don’t we just pull the curtain (aka vintage tablecloth!) and come back another time?


  1. Susan,
    I don’t know how you EVER part with anything. I would so be keeping the china, the silver, the knives, the linens the cherubs…wow, you find GOOD stuff, girlfriend!