Fanfare & Wind: Trumpets & Tornadoes: Curtsies & Courage

Well, did you watch the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton?  I certainly did!
Last week I had the privilege of visiting family in Texas. While staying with my sister, she and I drove to our parents’ house and spent a couple of nights with them. I wasn’t surprised to see that my Mother had already “set the stage” for the Royal Wedding.  We were greeted with a tabletop vignette featuring a vintage teacup and saucer (given to her many years ago by a Sunday School teacher) and a hat she wore several years ago to a granddaughter’s wedding in England.

Even Daddy had gotten into the act and taped one of the Royal Wedding TV specials for us girls to watch. We enjoyed that because the way our schedule worked out, Sister and I had to leave on Thursday — the day before THE Day. We wouldn’t get to watch the wedding with Mom.  In spite of that, we had a wonderful visit that included tablescapes and gardens — and I’ll share those with you later.
Driving back home through Dallas, we stopped at Central Market. We had some important shopping to do.

Scones and lemon curd …

Prince William’s Chocolate Biscuit Cake …

When we got home we made cream cheese and black olive tea sandwiches. Nothing fancy, but a favorite of us both.
Only hours until the wedding, we were talking about needing to get to bed early — so we could get up at 3AM and watch the TV coverage when it began. Surely everyone would want to watch two hours of Royal Wedding coverage before the actual ceremony!
However, never one to miss a party, our Mother — as we left her house — had slipped us a very lightweight box with instructions to give it to my sister’s husband. A note on it read, “Open Thursday evening.”  We had our suspicions…
Brother-in-law teasingly delayed as long as possible before opening the box … and the letter inside. According to Mother’s instructions, Sister and I drew straws. I won first choice. Brother-in-law grabbed the camera…
Inside the box — as you may have already guessed — were two hats. One way or the other, Mother was going to attend the Royal Wedding with us!
(She’s creative like that!)

I was wearing red that day, so I chose the red hat. Besides, red is one of my favorite colors!

Turn sideways, Sister, so we can see your flowers!

No, I absolutely won’t show you what we looked like the next morning as we sat in front of the TV in pajamas and no makeup — but be assured that our bed heads were crowned with our stylish hats. We were ready to see the great metamorphosis continue to take place right before our eyes.
Kate Middleton, college student and commoner …

Photo source

… had already become Catherine Middleton, engaged to Prince William — wearing his family heirloom sapphire engagement ring.

Photo source

Together, Sister and I watched transfixed as the beautiful young 29-year-old became the Duchess of Cambridge — the future Princess Catherine — and Queen-to-be …

Photo source

Even as I sat watching the beauty and pageantry of the event, I wondered what the future holds for the couple. I hope it holds much love, commitment, and happiness. I suspect, it will require courage.
As I thought of courage, my mind focused on another metamorphosis that had taken place a few days earlier. Another situation that requires great courage.
Peaceful cities in the South …

Photo source

… transformed into scenes of deadly devastation.

Photo source

Those left behind to sift through the rubble and pick up the pieces … They’ll require lots of courage.

Photo source

Two before and after stories… One makes me smile. The other makes me cry. One is a display of public joy, the other a glimpse into private pain.
For both I pray for a faith in a Truth bigger than themselves … for stamina … for courage … for a Divine spark.

Courage – an independent spark from heaven’s bright throne,
By which the soul stands raised, triumphant, high, alone.
–George Farquhar

Do you need courage today? Square your shoulders and step forward to receive your own Divine spark … to meet your challenge head-on. You’ll never know what lies ahead until you walk into your future.
* * * * *
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  1. Wonderful post. I had decided not to get up to watch an event that I could see a gazillion times the next day on television…but the Yorkshire Terrorist decided that he had to go outside at 5:00 AM…soooo…while I waited for him, I turned on the t.v., and there she stood at the altar with her father….Yep, I watched it…it really was wonderful. Thanks for sharing your Royal experience. Cherry Kay

  2. How thoughtful that your Dad taped something for you all to watch together! I also like the festive way in which the grocery store helped with the excitement of the big day by making up those neat signs! It was such a wonderful wedding…I’m so glad I got up at 1:00 a.m. to watch it!

    Have a wonderful week!