Tablescaping: Plan B

Tablescape inspiration can come from anywhere.  Really … anywhere!  I wrote about being Inspired! in an early blog post, and more tablescape ideas can be found by clicking the Tablescapes tab above.

I don’t remember where I found this picture, but I’ve been hanging on to it until “tulip time” … just waiting to share it with you.  I absolutely love it, and one day I hope to use a centerpiece just like this in a tablescape; I have a large brandy snifter-shaped vase that belonged to my Grandmother that should work perfectly.
Anyone know the source?  Please tell me so I can add it.

I actually used a slightly different interpretation of this centerpiece in last week’s Laid Back Tulips tablescape. Did you notice?

In my earlier inspiration post, I said “trial and error” are one source of inspiration for me.  That was certainly true in last week’s tablescape.  I’ve found that quite often there’s a “rest of the story” behind the way a tablescape starts … and the way it finishes.  In case you’re interested in the rest of the story, here’s how the white tulip centerpiece came about …


I wanted to use white tulips (but there were only a few blooming).

I wanted to use the gold-rimmed bowl to complement the glasses (but the shape wasn’t the same as my inspiration picture).

I was set on doing the asymmetrical thing (but the open bowl caused the top-heavy tulips to fall out).

So what’s a gal to do?  Improvise!
White tulips — check.
Gold-rimmed bowl — check.
Asymmetry — check.
Keep the tulips in the bowl — ?

That’s where the trial and error came in!  After a couple of different ideas, I found the one that worked, and I’ll probably use it again someday … because I liked the way it turned out.  Sometimes experimentation yields a new way of playing in the dishes!

When’s the last time that happened to you while tablescaping?  When did your “best laid plans” get replaced by something else entirely?  Do tell!

In the continued spirit of “full disclosure,” I’ll go ahead and admit why I didn’t actually DO a tablescape this week:  I wasn’t inspired … because I’m in North Carolina digging in the dirt and playing trains and reading books with Little Man while waiting on his baby brother to make his grand debut.  Right now, playing in the dirt is so much better than playing in the dishes, so I’m going to leave the “real” tablescapes to the rest of you — and stop by to see them when I can.  I knew you’d understand …

I’ll be joining Home and Garden Thursday at A Delightsome Life
and Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.


  1. Come September, we’ll have a new little miss or mister with whom to play in the dirt. Totally understand! Cherry Kay

  2. I would much, much rather play with a grandbaby than with dishes any old day! As for hit and miss and change and reset, I do it just about all the time, especially with what’s in the center.

    Have fun with your Little Man and your Great Expectations!

  3. wishing your family a JOYOUS delivery!!! xxoo

  4. Hi Susan,
    your inspirations are great and you will make a wonderful tablescapes sometimes. So nice to hear that you are waiting for a new grandson. Wish for the birth all the best. You are so wise to play with this little Man in the mud. Time is running fast and there is always a possibility to make a tablescape. But not to play in the Mud.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  5. Well, I love your images whether you did them today or not. NOTHING I ever attempt goes off as planned…ya just gotta roll with the punches! I also love that you are playing in the dirt. Saying a prayer for a safe, quick delivery of the new little one! xo Diana

  6. Well I am with you on playing in the mud!!! Benjamin still (at age 6) says, “I Love Mud” and I have more than one post on his love for mud…and then to top it off it is a grandson, well tables can wait, even though yours still looked wonderful!! Blessings, blessings on the new arrival, oh my! God is good!

  7. Very rarely does anything I do go off as planned! That’s what keeps life interesting. Sending wishes for a safe arrival for the little one. (By the way, I think we might be “neighbors” of sorts).

  8. I totally thought that photo looked like one I saw in the Pottery Barn flyer, but I can’t seem to find it there now. Good luck in finding the source to credit…I could have sworn it was Pottery Barn. Anyway…I love the asymmetrical arrangement and the fact that you worked at it until you found something to make it work for you and what you had available! Bravo! My best laid plans last got waylaid when the entire centerpiece came crashing down in a pile of glassy rubble back in November. Thank goodness it was 3 or 4 days before Thansgiving so that I had enough time to put something else together. Version #2 wasn’t NEARLY as good as Version #1, but it was a lot less dangerous! Have a great weekend!!!

  9. Hi, Susan. You and I have talked about inspiration before and where it comes from, so I know exactly what you’re saying. This centerpiece is fabulous–what a clever solution! I bet you’ll see your solution used often by others (of us :)…). Best wishes as you wait and enjoy your days with Benjamin. ~Zuni