She Sells SeaSHELL FLOWERS by the Seashore …

I’m not a “beach girl,” but I know many of you are …
I saw these shell flowers at a shop in beautiful Half Moon Bay, California.
Do you think they’d be easy to make?

How would you use them — or would you?

I’m joining At the Picket Fence for Inspiration Friday and How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday.


  1. So glad you did post them. They are so beautiful and what a great idea for a summer table. Have a great weekend.

  2. Pretty!

  3. I’m not beachy either, but the shell flowers are very creative! Guess I’d use them to decorate a summer table.

  4. I love these shell flowers! I am very much a beach gal trapped inland in Michigan…..

  5. Shells are not my thing to decorate with, but these are so creative. Would so hate to dust them. Could put one under glass.
    Happy PS!

  6. I’m actually not a beach person either, but I love shells. I think those flowers are perfectly lovely and would actually like to try to make some!

  7. I’d probably use them in a tablescape or under a cloche.
    Thanks for sharing them.

  8. I think they’re pretty but I’m also not much of a ‘shell’ person. However, I saw so many cute ideas for summer decorating this year that I actually DID incorporate a few shell things into my summer decor!

  9. I’m open to becoming a Shell person if it will bring the water to our sandy shores here in droughty Texas. Is droughty a word? If it’s not it outta be! Anyway, love the pink shells and I have had them in baskets in the bathroom….best place to pretend to be at the beach…coolin’ off in the tub! Happy Pink Saturday!!!

  10. I love them!! I would definitely put them on my mantle…
    everytime we go to the beach I buy some type of shell or coral souvenir to take home!

  11. I love walking along the beaches and looking for pretty shells. But not to often and never go into the water.