Old House Master Bathroom Renovation: DIAMONDS AND SWIRLS

Welcome to the beginning of another week. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by for a visit


From time to time some of you ask me to post more pictures of the renovation of my old house.  I haven’t done that in quite awhile, so I’ve decided today to put some together for you.  This week, I’ll show you what our Master Bath looked like BEFORE. Warning: I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago at Halloween.  It’s really scary!


For starters, you should know that sometime probably in the 1930s or ’40s our 1907 house’s original back porch was enclosed and a small “wing” added on one side.  At the time of the addition, the room on the left was a tiny bathroom, and the room on the right was a small kitchen. It seems that the original homeowners added this on as an “apartment” which they rented out.  The “apartment” consisted of this enclosed porch/kitchen/bath …


… and an adjoining bedroom accessible through the door on the left wall; it’s barely visible.  (We were never sure the purpose of that wrought iron thing on the bedroom door.)  By the time we came into the picture, the kitchen (right door) had become a laundry room, and a brick wall divided it from the bathroom (left).  The entire space was hor.ri.ble … except for the beautiful light that filtered through the dirty windows.


Let’s first step into the bedroom and take a look out toward the porch … 


The bed sits at an angle on the left side of the doorway …
See original post.


… and the unused (still coal-burning) fireplace is to the right.
See original post.


His and Hers closets were built into the once open space on the porch.


Notice the original concrete threshold when you step from the bedroom into the bathroom area …


There’s an original concrete lintel, too.


Do you remember HERE and HERE when we had to “play with jacks” to repair the cracked lintel over the kitchen window? 


The entrance to the bathroom is the same one used originally to access the tiny bathroom …


but the brick wall between the two spaces was removed.


Now the space runs the length of the two old rooms, but it’s still only 9′ wide.  There was exactly the perfect amount of space for a soaking tub.



As your eye continues around the room to the right, you’ll see that we had space to open up the old kitchen-turned-laundry room doorway and add a shower.  We also added a floor to ceiling built-in for storage.


Keep turning around, and you’ll come full-circle.  The entry door is right in front of you.


I wanted a pedestal sink, but I also wanted countertop space and storage.  These little cabinets are only 13″ wide and 15″ deep, but they are perfect!


See how we had to build the wall out a little to accommodate the plumbing?  The solid surface countertops were cut to slide right up to the wall.


Although it’s not a large bathroom, it’s definitely a big bathroom for an old house … and it has a wonderful spa feel!  And did I mention the great light?


When I look at the details, I always see Diamonds and Swirls.  See what I mean?


One more look … Before and After


Have you ever restored, renovated, or significantly remodeled a house?  If so, would you do it again?  What was the hardest (or most fun) part of the project?


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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! It gave me a chance to come visit you. I lived near Johnson City Tn for 4 years….now I live in Asheville NC.

    Your bathroom turned out amazing! And yes, I have renovated several houses, included an old 1946 farmhouse in Tn….

    I love old homes and love renovating them….

  2. It’s warm, inviting, classy, but with a farmhouse flair to it with the curtains and it all blends together perfectly! Awesome work!

  3. This interior decorator is just drooling this morning..and sending it over to my custom home builder son…this is just lovely, oh my, I so want a house to do this in.

    Great, great job!!!

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous redo! Love the colors in the bath….and I’m so jealous of the firebox in your fireplace!

  5. Susan, thanks for these wonderful pics of such a gorgeous space! Wow! What a transformation! We moved into a new home that had been in foreclosure by the builder and the builder removed everything down to the floors. We got a great price and got to chose all the finishing touches! My favorite choice was a copper bowl sink in our downstairs bathroom; I just love that thing! Blessings for a great week! Mindi

  6. Your hard work paid off and the result is awesome.
    I really like how you built over the old coal fireplace and made a very pretty place to show things.
    We did a kitchen reno last year as well as ripped out all the carpet and laid hardwood.
    Yes, a lot of work and dust but well worth it.

  7. What a lovely renovation. I am sure you are going to enjoy the space and the soaker tub. V

  8. We are going to renew totally our next house…and I’m so scared!!! AHHAHAHH, hugs, Flavia

  9. Oh Susan! What an incredible Master suite you have! Every single detail is so gorgeous and I cannot believe the transformation. So glad you shared this with all of us! 🙂

  10. OK, this is about the 400th time I have come here and had to either get up to do something before commenting or had my whirly swirly cirlce mess me up.

    I’m not leaving until I say this:

    I love this. Period.
    I have never done a renovation and have a passion to buy and old home and restore it, but it is my dream and not that of the husband so…

    Anyway, I love it and would love to see more of your renovations.

  11. Oh my gosh…this is simply AMAZING! Mine doesn’t even come near comparing to yours, but I will agree it is such hard work. Would I do it all again? That is kind of like asking if you would raise a child again. It has been so much work, but it is our home and somehow a part of us after all of these years. Silly me, I thought we would fix it up, flip it, and buy something wonderful on an acreage. But we raised children here, and it was cheaper to stay, and somehow we ended up being here for 15 years. I enjoy your blog, I will put it on my blog roll and come again soon to visit. Thanks for stopping by Behind the Gate and I appreciate you leaving your link so I could see your bathroom makeover.

  12. Great job, I can’t believe it’s the same space. Your right old houses come with so many surprises and a lot of hard work when you remodel, but I love the character and detailing. Thank you for stopping by my bathroom renovation.