Unveiled: Festival of Tables 2011 – Part 2

Last week I showed you Part 1 of my local Festival of Tables … and this week it’s time for Part 2.

Remember, you can click on the photo collages to enlarge them. Click twice to enlarge them again!

The first three tablescapes in today’s post were done by a mother and two of her three daughters.  I love it when tablescaping becomes a family affair!  This first table was done by the youngest daughter; she’s 13.  This is definitely an example of using a collection as inspiration! Be sure to notice the cute Minnie Mouse Rice Krispies treats she gave to her guests! I definitely think she’s got tablescaping in her blood…
Mickey, Minnie & Me

So does the middle daughter.  She’s 15, and this is her second year to tablescape at our Festival of Tables. Look how cleverly she handled the plastic flatware: it’s hidden inside a paper napkin and then tucked into a napkin ring. Who says napkin rings can only be used with cloth napkins? No fly-away napkins at this picnic!

And here’s Mom’s table … with its refreshing strawberry theme. I LOVE those scalloped square salad plates!  Mixed with both fresh and faux strawberries, they gave this table just the punch of color it needed to make it wonderfully inviting.

This table hostess has ties to Carson-Newman College, a Christian liberal arts college in East Tennessee founded in 1851 as Mossy Creek Missionary Baptist Seminary. An antique moss-filled window frame, moss green china, and vintage photographs from the college’s past joined beautifully to create a tablescape rich in both texture and history. I definitely think this table deserves a grade of 4.0!

Side note:  I smiled when I saw she’d used this beautiful crocheted tablecloth. The first time I laid eyes on it – a couple of years ago – there were yellow stains all over, and our tablescaper had declared it “ruined.”  But I insisted on trying Restoration Linen Cleaner — and now there’s not a stain in sight!  Check it out in the Linen Care section of my Etsy shop.
Is there anyone who doesn’t like sunflowers?  Their colorful faces seem so friendly and cheerful, don’t you think? Many times I’ve combined sunflowers with cobalt blue, but never this pretty light blue.  I’m definitely going to borrow that inspiration one day!  I had no idea a sunflower table could have such a “soft” look…

I mentioned in Part 1 last week that at our event the meal is served on clear plastic plates. For that reason, an actual place plate isn’t necessary, so this table hostess decided to do without.  Instead, she focused on the placemats she had cut from a tree trunk. What great “presence” they give to a woodsy-themed tablescape! Notice, too, how the tiny bit of purple added to the earth tones keeps your eye moving around the table…  Great idea!

Soothing …  That was my first thought when I saw this table from across the room. The soft blues just seemed to say, “Sit down and relax with me.” The centerpiece ring of seashells, wave-like designs on the plates and flatware, and sand (white in the center and blue in the clever bottles) work beautifully together to evoke a sense of calm.  I can almost hear the waves lapping on the shore…

I believe this tablescaper was also a first-timer to our event, but when her sweet hubby walked in carrying the centerpiece of silver branches, I knew she was one of the lucky ones – a woman whose husband understands (or at least lovingly accepts) her passion for playing in the dishes. I’m one of the lucky ones, too!  Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I loved her pretty silver accents — especially the butterfly — and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with an optimistic theme…


A heart full of joy and gladness,
Will always banish sadness and strife.
So always look for the silver lining,
And try to find the sunny side of life.
~ B.G. DeSylva (1919)
I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit — and I hope you’ve found a little sunshine for your day right here … at My Place to Yours!  May it follow you right into the holiday weekend.  Enjoy!

I’m joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. It’s Tablescape Thursday!


  1. I’m one of the lucky ones too.

    I was looking forward to this. I had so much fun looking at them all. My favorite of all was the last one (the lucky wife one) That’s my own china pattern, Shenandoah by Noritake. I have yet to do one for the blog with it, believe it or not.

  2. They’re all so pretty, but that last one has such a delicate beauty to the china. What a fun event, I’m sure!

  3. Oh, yeah…it’s in the blood! Just 13 and 15 years old, huh? Look out, blog world! They’ll be taking over soon!!! Grat tables all!!!

  4. So many wonderful, unique tablescapes. They are each special. Thank you for taking us on this delightful tour. Cherry Kay

  5. Wow Brazil….I’m wondering mission trip or vacation? A fall table with the Haviland plates…that sounds intriguing. Have you checked out Pottery Barn lately? They have some fall leaf filler this year that is more greens and browns than oranges and yellows. I bought several boxes for a fall table. You might like them with the Haviland plates. Have a wonderful trip! I look forward to seeing the table. Cherry Kay

  6. Sigh…I can look through those table settings forever. Keep them comin’!!

    I love them all, especially the blue and yellow combination with the sunflowers, always a favorite of mine, but my absolute favorite in this post is the Ocean Treasures. Love, love, love it!!

    Thank you for connecting at the diary, Susan. It’s time to follow God’s lead again and my previous first blog will only be up one more week but I’m so glad we’ll stay in touch. Oh, and my comments are open again.

    Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.