TABLE JEWELRY … What Color is Tiffany Blue? – Part 2

Welcome to My Place to Yours and the continuation of last week’s post which asked the question: What Color is Tiffany Blue?  You may recall that on a recent visit to see Daughter the Older, she and I ended up here … Tiffany & Co. at 5th Avenue and 57th Street in New York City. I’m working on a project, and I needed to see the color “Tiffany Blue” for myself.  Apparently the exact color formulation is a company secret.


As the daughter and I left her home to head to the City, Renaissance Man said, “Have a grand time!”


Oh, we will!


Wait!  He just said to have a GRAND time. He usually says “good” or “great.”  Hmmm.  Oh, yeah, we could have a

1K = $$$$ = GRAND ol’ time!

Well, it couldn’t hurt to browse … but I really just needed a bag — which I got — along with some other Tiffany Blue goodies. Look!  Freebies from Tiffany’s!  Who knew?
Tiffany Blue Jewelry04.jpeg


The lovely invitation with the big white bow?  I was personally invited to open a Tiffany’s charge account.  Um, NO … But thank you kindly!
Tiffany Blue Jewelry05.jpeg


I also got a little box …
Tiffany Blue Jewelry06.jpeg


It’s part of this week’s table centerpiece …
Tiffany Blue Jewelry16.jpeg


… along with the only almost-Tiffany Blue item in my house …
Tiffany Blue Jewelry07.jpeg


Of course, since we’re talking Tiffany’s, we must include jewelry
Tiffany Blue Jewelry08.jpeg

Tiffany Blue Jewelry10.jpeg
Tiffany Blue Jewelry12.jpeg


Silver and monograms are favorites at Tiffany’s, too …
Tiffany Blue Jewelry11.jpeg


Of course, the REAL table jewelry is the sterling flatware …
Frank Whiting Kings Court circa 1895;  it’s also known as Neapolitan.
Tiffany Blue Jewelry14.jpeg


… and the platinum- and silver-embellished dishes …
Tiffany Blue Jewelry13.jpeg


China: Franciscan Platina
Silver overlay plates:  various designs
Sherbet: pattern unknown


… and the linens …
While I wouldn’t really place a napkin in this hard-to-reach spot, I think it’s pretty here in this “fantasy” tablescape. The damask fabric has the most beautiful design.
Tiffany Blue Jewelry17.jpeg


… and the crystal …
Mikasa Helena – identical to Helena by Spiegelau
Tiffany Blue Jewelry15.jpeg


Still wondering what’s in the little box?


My friend Debbie at Words On Wheels says she has a hunch about how I got the bag. Surely she didn’t take my use of the word “heist” in last week’s post seriously!  … I’d almost rather she did because then she’d think I’m courageous. Stupid, but courageous!


Instead, you all get to see what a loser I’ve turned out to be …  While I could have at least bought a small, silver charm, I haven’t worn my charm bracelet in years, so that just seemed like a total waste of money.  Instead, I decided to keep the waste to a minimum and buy a deck of cards. Uh huh.  LOSER!

There were four lovely styles from which to choose …

Tiffany Blue Jewelry02.jpeg

I chose selected this one …

Selected sounds more like something you’d do at Tiffany’s, don’t you think?

Tiffany Blue Jewelry03.jpeg


Besides, I can think of a “grander” way to spend my cha-ching …
Logo Sm Logo Update 2011.jpeg

Click the logo to learn more.


So what’s my project? The one that caused me to ask what color Tiffany Blue is in the first place?  Well, that’s a post for another day.


(Just kidding …)


The 2011 Festival of Tables is coming up in a couple of weeks, and my table theme is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. My theme interpretation was influenced by THIS tablescape celebration I posted about earlier this year.  I’ll use some of the items from today’s tablescape, but the next table will have an entirely different look. I’m hoping for a bit more “over the top.”  I’ll post it in a few weeks and you can tell me whether or not I accomplished it. I’ve already done most of the planning.  Thank goodness!
I need a break …


Anybody wanna play cards?

If you missed my last post, it was written especially for you!
 I hope you’ll read it now.  Open Letter to My Blog Readers


I’m partying at Between Naps on the Porch.


  1. I remember my first trip to Tiffany’s in New York when I was fifteen, I just couldn’t believe that I was standing in such a famous place. At that time I don’t think I could have been afforded the playing cards:)

    Many many years later I had a corporate card to purchase beautiful little trinkets delivered in the little blue box with the white ribbon. I treasured the box I think as much as the trinkets.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see the tablescape in all its elegance and Tiffany Blue.

  2. Love your Tiffany Blue table! I would love those playing cards especially with the box! Good choice. That sterling pattern is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen! Gorgeous table for a good cause!

  3. I love your centerpiece tureen! Just beautiful!! I look forward to seeing your Breakfast at Tiffany’s table. I’m sure it will be just stunning!

  4. AHHHH! A deck of cards! I never would have guessed that, but I think it was the perfect choice. Now you can whip them out and feel all Audrey Hepburn over a game of rummy.

    I love love love your table. It’s one of your most beautiful ones, and that’s saying something. I love the way all the white and platinum looks with all the silver and table jewelry.

    Only Tiffany and Co. can make you feel like you’re opening an invitation to the royal wedding with a charge card application!

  5. KC says that the most meager gift becomes important if it is delivered in a Tiffany’s Blue box. Now you can take the box to your Benjamin Moore dealer and get an exact match. There’s also a color matching chart for artists on the art aisle at Hobby Lobby. It will help you mix your own custom Tiffany Blue. It’s a pretty neat deal. Now I’m guessing why you want it…other than the tablescape. Holly Golightly…such a sweet, funny, sad, redeamable character. Thanks for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  6. Lovely post and gorgeous table!

  7. One of the most clever posts I’ve seen in a while. Well done!

  8. I LOVE THIS POST!!! What a table!!! I LOVE Tiffany Blue…but I love your silver/jewelry/crystal on your gorgeous table even more!!!!


    Lana In Italy

  9. Tiffany blue is bluetiful! I love your tablescape even better. The use of jewelry is very clever and ties in with your theme. I need to make a visit to Tiffany as I haven’t been in there in a few years and I only live 30 minutes away! Shame on me! Can’t wait to see your next tablescape as I can’t imagine it being more beautiful that this one.

  10. beautiful photos~

  11. I just caught up on some posts I’ve missed in the last few days. I’m touched to tears by the open letter you posted. So warming and real. xo to you!
    What a lovely table setting.. Love the cards from Tiffany’s, I think I’ll just pop in and get some of those. I too need a little blue box.. LOL.. I bet the bag is the centerpiece?

    I am thoroughly enchanted and Love your blog.. xo marlis

  12. Beautiful tablesacap. I love your card box so elegant. You are so lucky going to Tiffany’s I would love to go and brows the counters.

  13. Hi, Susan! It has been so long but I want to thank you for hanging with me while I was gone. Your table is so beautiful – elegant and full of charm. I have never been to Tiffany’s but I sure love that color. I look forward to stopping by more often.


  14. Loved your table, Tiffany blue and the box is nice but your centre peice is so so much beautiful then any Tiffany.

    Loved it, my mom has a similiar one but in pink.

    Loved your table concept you really inspired me.

    thank you for sharing.

    Karin Şen Cankan

  15. Perfect purchase choice…I have playing cards from all over. Great way to get your Tiffany Box and I’ll bet they are the most elegant playing cards you have!!!

    Your table is beautiful. I love the sterling and your stemware is amazing. It all looks so….”Tiffany” 😉

  16. Very cool! I am so glad you guys had a good time on your shopping trip. It is SO hard to go into Tiffany’s and not want to sell the farm to buy everything in the store!!! You showed wonderful restraint! I didn’t know they sold playing cards. That would make a great gift for a couple of people I know. Hmmmmm….thanks for the tip! Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. While I love the shade of Tiffany blue and certainly agree they have many treasures, what I think is the true jewel of your post is that green china lidded bowl. It’s absolutely beautiful.

    – The Tablescaper