NYC Tablescapes: What Color is Tiffany Blue?

Wow!  It’s already time for another Tablescape Thursday!  I hope you’re having a great week.
Let’s hop one of these and take a trip …

to the little New Jersey town where my older daughter lives on the 19th floor of a high rise nestled quietly in a neighborhood of beautiful old homes.
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Step out on her terrace with me and take a look at all of these beauties …

It may be hazy, but we can easily see New York City.  We’re only a short train ride away from Manhattan, so why don’t we spend the afternoon in the City?
See?  It didn’t take us long at all to get here.

Yes, I know it’s hot — very hot — and hailing a cab is very tempting …

… but let’s walk instead — with everyone else …

With this heat, I don’t know how these vendors can stand it. There is I would sit out here all day in this heat. I’m sure that makes me spoiled, but I’ll just go ahead and admit it. I.don’!

Finally … A distraction!

Wouldn’t it be fun to see where this truck is headed?  There just might be a tablescape or two involved! 

How nice … Another distraction.  I’m not even noticing the heat anymore.

I can totally lose myself in beautiful architecture …

Well, look here … We’ve finally arrived at our destination.  You didn’t realize we had a destination? 

Yes … We definitely do!  At least Daughter the Older and I do.  You’re welcome to join us if you like.!  The nice man just said we can take all the pictures we want!

I guess this is as good a place to start as any …

WOW!  128.54 carats
Just … WOW!

Good thing it’s not for sale. Otherwise, I might just have to buy it.  Yeah, right! 

Actually, I don’t want much … It’s just that I have a project and need to know exactly what color Tiffany Blue is — and I hear it’s a copyrighted color.  How exactly can someone copyright a color?

Anyway, I need to buy something so I can get a bag …

What about a book? No, too heavy in the luggage on the trip home …

Or maybe a bauble — after all, we ARE in Tiffany’s!

bau.ble [baw.buhl]
n.  a showy, cheap ornament or trinket

OK, so Tiffany’s doesn’t sell any baubles …

You know, if you’d just walk over and ask that new guy doing orientation if he has an extra folder, I wouldn’t have to stand here zooming in so close — and wishing he’d be still!

Let’s try the fourth floor. I hear there are dishes up there!

Oh.WOW!  There are most definitely dishes! Do you see them?

Look at this cute little tablescape!

And everything in Tiffany Blue …

Two ladies … working on their appointment books.  Soooo many important events to plan! 

Check out that beaded clutch purse …

What? Can’t pull your eyes away from the crystal? 

Then I guess this might walk you down the path to overload!  We’d better keep moving …

Oh, my … The gazebo we saw when we stepped out of the elevator surrounds a real tablescape … with dishes.

And there’s more crystal … and china.

Versatile whites …

… and patterned pretties …

But still nothing that fits the “bauble” definition — and my pocketbook —

But I still need a bag …

What?  Daughter the Older wants us to see something.  Odd.  She doesn’t share her mother’s passion for dishes. She’s looking down between the open stairwells. What could she possibly see? 

Jackpot!  It’s the wrapping station … with all its pretty Tiffany Blue bags …

What’s that?  NO, Daughter the Older, I am NOT planning a heist.  At least, I wasn’t, but I really DO “need” a bag …

[To be continued at a later date]

For now, I’ll leave you with a picture of a picture that hangs on the wall in the china room at Tiffany & Co. Don’t you just love the way the light and shadows play on the table?

Let’s party at Between Naps on the Porch.  It’s Tablescape Thursday!



  1. Great, great post! I haven’t been to Tiffany’s in years, makes me want to hop the express bus into the city when it gets cooler. xo,

  2. Your daughter sure lives by some gorgeous older homes! Never been to Tiffany’s and for some reason, I thought they only sold jewelery – thanks for the fab tour of the store! Many lovely things to catch one’s eye. Don’t keep us in suspense…did you steal a bag or finally find a bauble?


  3. Oh, HOW FUN!! I always think NYC looks like SUCH a fun place to walk around!! What a GREAT story… the suspense is killing me though!!

  4. wow what an exciting trip. My grand daughter lives in NY. She loves it. So much to do and see. thanks forsharing. Great photos

  5. wow what an exciting trip. My grand daughter lives in NY. She loves it. So much to do and see. thanks forsharing. Great photos

  6. Great post! Go to the floor that sells silver and get a tiffany charm and or bracelet. You get a box and a bag!

  7. This is so fun! I haven’t been to NYC since I was a very little girl. I need to go.

    And I love Tiffany blue, too. I have saved every box that ever came from there.

    I have a hunch about how you got the Tiffany bag. I’ll keep mum and see if I’m right.

  8. What a wonderful adventure you have taken us on.. there really is nothing more grand the Tiffany in NYC. Hope you got a little blue bag… can’t wait for the continuation… happy Thursday..HHL

  9. They actually let you take photos in Tiffany’s??!?!?! My husband surprised me on my 50th birthday with a trip to Tiffany’s here in Kansas City, and I thought the security guard was going to jump out of his skin when my best friend who was in on the surprise started snapping photos! Thank goodness they didn’t confiscate the camera! She was at least able to get a couple of good ones. Anyhoooooooo….I love all things Tiffany’s and I look forwards to seeing your continuing posts on the subject. The vignettes they have set up in the Tiffany’s store are great!!!

  10. Ohhh Myyyy Tiffany my love forever!!!!

    Great photos and your very lucky that they let you I dont think I can here in Istanbul.

    Loved everything.

    And the houses are most beautiful too.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Lots of Love,
    Karin Şen Cankan

  11. UGH! A cliff hanger on a blog!! ~giggle~ how fun is that!

    Okay I have to know!!! Tell us…..pleeeeease!!!!

    Loved the story!


  12. Oh my goodness, Susan, I am so jealous. I have one piece from there from a jewelry designer who knew my parents personally. It’s a cabochon sapphire bracelet my parents gave me when I turned 18.
    I have been to New York many times but never visited Tiffany’s. I went when I was too young and the last time I visited NY we were on a holiday trip with our children. I must go there some time.
    LOVE everything you shared–from those amazíng necklaces to the china and that clutch.
    I can’t believe the color has copyrights. It’s long been my favorite right along with red.
    Thank you for the lovely tour.

  13. I totally forgot to continue bidding. Oh my. Maybe I should have looked into setting it up with an email notification of additional comments. Wonder if that would work for you also for future auctions. There must be a way.

    Off to see the survey and then visit Hope Unlimited.

  14. What a fun tour that was! I haven’t been to Tiffany’s in years and although we have a Tiffanys in town here, it is not the same as the one in New York…not even close. Great post!

  15. What a fun tour — from the rooftop view of those fabulous homes to the Tiffany’s displays — all fun, thanks for taking us along.

  16. I am delighted with your tour.. I cannot wait to see how the bag heist came out.. I have done that too, had to buy something in a store for the bag. Whadja get? Such a lovely view from your daughter’s place too. xo marlis

  17. Dearest Susan,

    Got here from Marcia and I follow you. What a surprise for many reasons. The Tiffany place is heaven to me! My Tiffany South Sea pearl earrings with diamonds from Elsa Peretti were sent to NY for an evaluation… I’d received them as a gift from my boss in Indonesia. So they could not give the appraisal evaluation in Atlanta but they had to be sent to the head quarters. I was stunned when the triple papers revealed the value of $ 2,900.00. Of course I felt honoured too.
    So I do love Tiffany, have some silver jewelry from them as well. Great service and the highest courtesy one can ask for. Their blue is the world over the same for bags and boxes alike. Their trademark.

    Lots of love,