Whatever It Takes … I Guess

Most of you readers are women — and the few men who visit here all have female friends and family — so I decided to do this quick little post to celebrate Pink Saturday.
I learned something about myself this week. I THOUGHT I was an “any excuse’ll do for a party” kind of person. But that was before this cute invitation caught my eye across the waiting room. When I walked over and read it, I just laughed and shook my head…  Oh, DARN! If I’d only known I could have waited one more day and joined the party!

In all seriousness, that’s really not my style — but I hope the event was well-attended and that everyone had a good time. Ladies, “whatever it takes …” be sure to take care of yourself — for you and for your family!
Now if you’re brave enough, leave a comment and tell me if you’ve ever heard of (or attended!) a party like this. Just don’t reveal too much!

Have a fantastic weekend — and visit How Sweet the Sound to see all of the fun Pink Saturday posts!


  1. It wouldn’t be my “style” either,but it’s a great idea and this is a PERFECT Pink Saturday post.

  2. Oh my! Pretty flowers! happy pink Saturday.

  3. i’m a loner when
    it comes to the ta~tas
    your flowers are lovely!!!
    happy pink saturday

  4. Sorry, I am not a party person. I cannot tell you anything. Go and have a good time and tell us about it.