Got Any Glue? Updating Vintage Metal Sculptures

It’s been a wild and crazy week at my house, but I’m determined to post a quick something for Metamorphosis Monday.  It IS still Monday, isn’t it?
A few months ago I found these cute sculptural wire plant holders at an auction. They’d been outside and were in less than ideal condition, but I liked their shape — and the idea that I could use them for (almost) one-of-a-kind focal pieces during the Spring and Summer.
The perfect occasion quickly presented itself, and I decided to fix them up and use them for a couple’s bridal shower.  Some Mod Podge…
… and scrapbook papers in the bride’s favorite black and white theme were just what I needed for inspiration.
Say goodbye to the rust and old paint …

A fresh coat of white spray paint worked wonders as a starting point.
Then came the part I was waiting for … the FUN part!  I glued the papers to the metal form using the Mod Podge.  You can see here where I’ve done the boy’s suspenders and one of the two bumble bees (although it looks more like a butterfly with the paper on it).
Here you can see the leaves and back petals on the girls’ flower — before the paper was trimmed and the top coat of Mod Podge added.
A few fun embellishments are just what I need to finish…
I needed the flowers and buttons to be flat on the back side so I could glue them … so I just snipped off the brad piece with metal cutters.
Here they are … standing on the front porch welcoming my guests.
glue11<   I'll show you more of the party soon! glue12
I’m linking to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch … finally!
Have a great week!


  1. Too cute!!

  2. What a clever idea! Loving the “girl’s” little flip flops!

  3. Oh, these are so cute! What a great idea to give them a new life. Love the flip flops!

  4. So cute and fresh! I LOVE B & W anything…looks great.

  5. I totally love this!! Now, I’m going to be scouting out metal planters to copycat your makeover.

  6. This is OH SO CLEVER!!! Love it!
    Thank you for sharing,