Repurposing a Vintage Trunk

Do you have a paper drawer?  I have a friend who loves all things paper.  Stationery, greeting cards, journals, cocktail napkins … you name it. She named her business, The Paper Drawer. Perfect!
I, too, have a “thing” for pretty paper. I suspect some of you do, too! Several years ago when I began packing to move my paper “collection” into our newly-renovated old house, I realized that it had gotten a bit out of hand and needed to be contained. Fortunately, the previous owners had left behind a small trunk that was exactly what I needed. UNfortunately, however, it was UGLY. I don’t have a picture of the “before,” but it looked a whole lot like this…


One day I had the bright (and frugal/cheap) idea of using leftover tissue paper and Mod Podge to cover it.  Now it looks like this … sitting on top of two “extra” chairs so it’s an easy height to access.

In the bottom are “boring” things like cardstock and blank envelopes…

but the lift-out tray that sits on top contains all of my notecards and notepads. They’re so easy to get to except when I stack things on top of the trunk, which I often do, but I’m working on that …

It was a super easy project.  Just clean the surface and let dry.  Then paint on Mod Podge (I used a foam brush), crush sheets of tissue paper then unfold and lay on top of the glue.  Add more Mod Podge on top and let dry.  Be sure to do a better job than I did with the X-acto knife when you cut the paper away from the hardware. I was in a hurry!


What about you? Do you have a “thing” for paper, too?


Have you been busy making Valentines this week?  (Thank you to the “more” of you who’ve told me you’re making Valentines for the girls at Hope!)
Where do you store your pretty papers?
I hope you all have a wonderful week! I’ll be sending sweet Valentine wishes … from My Place to Yours.
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  1. Susan, the trunk is perfect for your paper stock. I, too, love pretty cards and stationery. I don’t have anything on the scale of yours, but I keep mine in a decorative box container. I will check out your shop offers.

    As for those Valentine cards, I’ve let my creativity slip a bit. 🙂

  2. Since we just downsized I have to be creative on storing my “collections”! Love your idea, not only practical but beautiful too1
    Dee Dee

  3. What a fun project and it is wonderful for your paper items. Well I don’t know if I have a paper stock like that, but it would be fun….and who doesn’t enjoy getting something through the mail, it is now so personal?

  4. I have a trunk much like that one and I have it stored because it is
    Olive Drab Green. I love the idea of covering it with tissue paper. Approximately how much paper did it take? Mine has a old trunk musty smell any ideas to remove that smell?

    • Loree, it really didn’t take much tissue paper at all. Just lay out a piece and see how much surface it covers, then use a little extra since “scrunching” it obviously makes it a little bit smaller. (I hope that makes sense!) I suggest using a dark color so the olive drab green doesn’t show through. Also, if you use a pattern (which helps hide any stickers, lettering, etc. on the trunk), be sure to use one that doesn’t have to be matched. Have fun!