Early Halloween Tablescape

I’m going to tell you something I’ve told very few people…

I’m not crazy about Halloween. (There, I’ve said it!) There’s no particular reason.

I love decorating for Fall, but Halloween… I just never got into it that much.

I have fond memories of Halloween from my own childhood — especially the year I was Casper the Friendly Ghost! — and when my daughters were young, I made a big deal of dressing them up and trick-or-treating at friends’ houses.

I put festive Halloween window clings on the windows and mirrors so they could enjoy them.

We carved Jack-O-Lanterns.  Beyond that — not much.

… Well, that’s not quite true. There was one other thing I did — faithfully… without fail. I bought the largest bag of Brach’s candy corn and mellowcreme pumpkins I could find.

Sometimes I baked cupcakes and put that cute little pumpkin on top of each one; sometimes I didn’t bake.

But I always… ALWAYS filled this candy jar. (And, yes, I re-filled it, too!) I still have the candy jar…  🙂


My daughters absolutely love Halloween!  They’re in their late 20s now, and they especially love the skeletons and the spiderwebs and the R.I.P. tombstones…

Obviously, they didn’t get that from me!  In fact, this is the only Halloween tablescape I’ll do this year, and I’m doing it 3 1/2 weeks before Halloween because I want to get it over with.  (OK, and because some of the vintage items I’m using are for sale in my Etsy shop.  They really are cute, and you just might want them for your Halloween table…)
I found these plates with the brown and black medallion-style design and thought how great they would look on a Halloween table. If you agree, they can make their way to your Halloween table, too…


Then I remembered the “napkin rings” I recently bought at Dollar General.  A card of two stretchy ponytail holders for $1.  I used them two places in this tablescape to give texture.  First, as a napkin ring…


…then around the clear stemware.  What do you think?


The placemats are a heavy braided rug-style … and the chargers are vintage clear glass with a ridged border.


Add in some “spooky”…


…and “creepy”…


…and vintage…and the “must have” candy corn… all atop a sticky spider web.


Then it’s time to dim the lights…


…and light the candles…


…and wait for your guests to arrive.

My ghosts and goblins can be found trick-or-treating at these fabulous parties …

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  1. I am with you, I love Fall, but don’t care for the webby grave yard decor. I enjoy Halloween more now as my gkids are little and it is fun to watch the 4 of them dress up.
    I did a witch table for tonight.
    Have to use all this Halloween stuff I bought to decorate for the kids!

    Your table is great, just the right amount of the holiday!

  2. Cute table! I agree, those plates do have a Halloween feel to them-fun:@)

  3. For someone who doesn’t like Halloween you sure did a great job with your tablescape. Love the ponytail holder idea. Looks great on the stemware. Hugs, Ginger

  4. I am one of those “crazy about Halloween” types. I do like your Halloween table – I am glad you decided to do one! I love those medallion plates -they would go with so many tables, but look pretty spiffy on the Halloween Table!

  5. You have created a perfect Halloween table. Love all your ideas. Thank you for linking up to Centerpiece Wednesday and sharing all your ideas.


  6. You table is so fun! And the plates are gorgeous. Great job putting it all together.

  7. Such a fun Halloween table. Those pony tail holders are so creative and cute. I might have to “steal” this idea and start looking for stuff in the hair aisle.

  8. I’m another one who is not all that froggy on Halloween. It’s my least favorite holiday, BUT I love to see cute decorations. I can totally get into that.

    I love your table! My favorite part without a doubt is the use of those black pony tail holders. Perfect!! I would rather see a step outside the box idea than just about anything. Great job on this one!

  9. Denise, I wish I could say the “hair aisle” idea was original to me, but it’s not. I “stole” it myself from Susan at Between Naps on the Porch; she used some once that were ribbons with a shamrock on the end. …Never know what you’ll find in the hair supply aisle!

  10. Super nice table for Haloween. I love your plates, very pretty design.
    Greetings, Johanna

  11. great looking dishes~

  12. This is really cute! Love the place setting!

    I’m with you – I don’t like Halloween, especially all the scary stuff. I do cutesy with a few Halloween things.


  13. Boo, humbug! I’m not a huge Halloween person, either! My husband likes it, the kids and grandchildren love it…but I would just as soon go hide under the bed! I’m glad you were able to muster up the wherewithall to put together and share that cute table setting!

  14. What a cute tablescape! Love the idea of the hair ties. I can use them for my hair afterwards too, lol. Pretty plates and for someone who do not like Halloween, you created a really beautiful table….Christine

  15. Thanks for dropping in.. your table is lovely. So happy and I love those dishes.. No wonder you children love Halloween. Love it!

  16. Me too…I don’t do Halloween, at least not over the top. I did love it as a child also because of all the mountain folklore here. Anyway, your table is too cute. And your photos are so sharp and clear. I wish I could do that! Thanks for stopping by! I’m going to attempt that whole table up on the Blue Ridge Parkway if I can get my husband to help me drag all the “stuff.”

  17. I do Halloween over the top, but not the scary stuff, just the fun stuff and I will do probably four tables and buffet this Halloween. I have always loved it and I super love pumpkins! For not loving Halloween you put together a great table. Love the salad plates. Joni

  18. It is hard to believe you don’t like Halloween when I see what a great job you did on this table. 🙂 Your dishes are so pretty and I just love that grinning jack o’lantern.

  19. Me too,I love deco for Fall/Autumn,not so much on the Halloween theme.

    Your Tablescape is a ‘TREAT’.,not a’TRICK!hehe.Love it!

  20. i say for a gal who’s not fond of halloween, you did GREAT!!! the scrunchy thing is a clever tip!

  21. Wow – fantastic table setting! Can’t imagine what you could create with a holiday you do like! LOL

  22. Erin took the words right out of my mouth!! I can’t wait to see what you do for Thanksgiving!