Do you know your Autumn personality?

It’s time again for the Notecard Party at A Haven for Vee.


My theme this month?

City Girl–Country Girl


At this gorgeous season of the year, no words are needed


in the city…

Autumn Girl 1


Autumn Girl 2



…or in the country..

Autumn Girl 3


Autumn Girl 4


One of these is my absolute favorite. Hint: It’s the one you’ve never seen before. (Thanks, Vee, for letting us add an occasional “unpublished” pic!)


It’s the last one. The old International Harvester tractor. My Granddaddy was a mechanic for International Harvester–and was the “savior” for many a farmer when a combine went kaput during harvest season. This useful old tractor brings back lots of great memories…and creates lots of new ones; Little Man named it Terrance.  đź™‚


Are you a City Girl… or a Country Girl… or a split personality like me?


  1. They are such cheerful note cards but I can see why you like the last the best.

  2. I love the tractor photo best, too! I live in 2 very different states and I love so much about each one. It’s nice to have variety. Love your photos…perfect for note cards!

  3. That last photo is terrific. My favorite tractor is a Farmall Cub and John’s is the 1953 Golden Jubilee Ford, though he talks about an Allis Chalmers often, too. Thank you for joining us! Hope that your autumn lasts even longer. You’ve still got a lot of pretty color.

  4. Guess I should have signed my name… Vee

  5. Happier Than A Pig In Mud says:

    Very pretty! I love the tractor and how fun to see that happy yellow pansy:@)

  6. Such beautiful photos, Susan. I love scarecrows and this one is so cute. Happy Thanksgiving. xo

  7. I’m split like you Susan!
    I love all your cards – especially one and four!
    What a lovely take – they make beautiful note cards.

  8. Terrance,

    I love you. Come to me, this instant. I’ll show you off all over Guam. You’ll be make all the other ISLAND GIRLS swoon with envy.

    You da man, Terrence.

    Your ISLAND girl

  9. Wonderful choices for Vee’s party! I love fall images…Love the tractor photo!

  10. These are beautiful photos. I love the big old maple tree. It’s huge! And the last one of the tractor is my favourite. Blessings, Pamela

  11. Awesome photos for some beautiful cards…..
    “I have a split personality…..and so do I.” , :))
    xoxo bj

  12. Beautiful seasonal notecards – my favorite is the last one. It’s glorious!

  13. What a great collection of autumn photos. The tractor one is so full of interest – I can see why it’s your favorite – memories are wonderful. Me? I’m a city girl who loves getting out into the country. Guess I’m split, too.

  14. Beautiful photos for note cards! My favorite is the last one, too!

  15. Tho I was born and raised in the “city”, I’ve always been a country girl at heart, and when my husband and I finally moved out to the country I felt like I was going home. Beautiful photos, love that last one.

  16. Great pictures for the season! I love the happy pansy!


  17. I love the last one too! Great shot.

  18. I’m a country girl! And I really like that last photo too. Such sweet memories. It’s a lovely set of note cards!

  19. These are all lovely, but I too like the last one best! Guess I’ve got a little “country ” in me…

  20. Judith @ Lavender Cottage says:

    Pretty notecards and the last one brings back memories of my grandmother’s farm. I guess I’d say I’m a country girl at heart.